When Amina asked me for some healthy snack suggestions, we both realized it would be a perfect idea to share on the blog.
Go Raw Sprouted Cookies are the perfect mix of sweet and savory, making them a very satisfying mid-afternoon snack. If you taste Organic Nectars Raw Cacao Chocolates blindfolded, you would probably never guess that these are actually healthy.
It’s not always as simple as it seems to find or get my family to actually eat nutritious on-the-go snacks. With a slide of a bin here or a quick change-out of a bin there, our kids have good, healthy options right at their fingertips all summer long! Now, it’s time to hand you my personal list of 30+ healthy, on-the-go snacks that our family and friends love! 1) Homemade Clif Kid Z-Bars – Cut up and wrap these bars separately in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator or freezer for a quick and healthier treat. 3) Whole Wheat Pretzels with Nut Butter – Look in the health food section for ones that are high in fiber and have no preservatives or additives. 4) The Best Homemade Popcorn – This “real food” popcorn rivals any movie theater popcorn. 5) Apples and Pears – Wash (using this quick homemade veggie wash) small to medium-sized apples and pears for self-contained, fiber-filled snacks.
6) All-Natural Cheese Sticks – Add in this low-cal protein and calcium-rich snack to your day to keep your appetite at bay. 7) Powerball Cookies – Oh these little orbs are absolutely delicious and a relatively healthy no-bake cookie. 8) Homemade Trail Mix – Save money and skip all the added sugars, salt, and preservatives found in many store-bought trail mixes. 9) Multigrain Crackers with Cheese Slices – Look in the health food section for crackers that are high in fiber and have no preservatives or additives. 16) Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Banana Bites – There is something about small bites that make a snack even more delicious.
23) All-Natural or Organic Turkey Pepperonis – I find these in the health food section near the refrigerated sausage. 24) Hard-boiled Eggs – Boil eggs, peel and store in the fridge for a filling, protein-rich snack that can be eaten almost anywhere. 31) Homemade KIND Bars – Kelly from The Nourishing Home says, “It was so exciting to be able to replicate this bar for far less.

32) All-Natural Beef Sticks – I find these protein-rich snacks at our local Farmer’s Market, made with local, grass-fed beef. 38) Healthier Grab-and-Go Drinks – This one isn’t exactly a snack, but staying properly hydrated is definitely a healthy summer necessity.
All content (text, recipes, and photos) on this site are the creative property of Polly & Rachel of Thriving Home. Nuts are great healthy afternoon snacks because they are filling and nutritious, not to mention delicious. Nuts and cheese make a great combination (and you can thank my hubby for that – he loves the nuts, cheese and carrot snack plate). Whether as a quick breakfast or meal option or healthy afternoon snacks, smoothies are easy and convenient. If you were researching how to eat healthy, specifically at night, and came across this post, then we’ve a few do’s and don’ts to help you with.
This entry was posted in healthy snacks and tagged Healthy Snacks, Hungry after dinner by . It’s made with only coconut oil (instead of rancid oils like canola or vegetable that many quick snack foods are made with), popcorn and Himalayan pink salt, so it’s the perfect guilt free movie night snack (not sure if I can say the same about the wine, but in my defense, it was sulfate free and biodynamic  ).
Please let me know what you think in the comments and I’d love to know what your favorite healthy snacks are too! A trip down the snack aisles at the grocery store reduces our choices to mostly crackers, gummies and cookies that do not provide the long-lasting energy we need when we’re running around. We thought it would be fun to show you a side-by-side photo of how we’ve both organized our various on-the-go snacks in different ways for our families.
Then, I add a few cheese slices and crackers to a small sealed container for a satisfying mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. But, there are actually some great, all-natural options of these in the snack aisle of most stores now. My kids down these healthier pepperonis by themselves or we enjoy them on whole grain crackers. With more and more research showing that probiotic-rich, cultured foods are good for the gut, pickles made our healthy snack list. Indulging in snacking while watching television or surfing the net, is not a healthy eating habit. Instead, I try turn to healthy grab-and-go snacks like the 30+ store-bought options or homemade ideas below.

A HUGE help to that end has been simply organizing the snacks in an attractive, easily-accessible way. I have a snack bucket in my car for those times we are at the park, or swimming, or running errands, or whatever later than I anticipated or planned and the kids are starving. A little bit of preparing is all you need to fight back against those cravings and choose health afternoon snacks. To make a healthy smoothie, be very selective about ingredients and always include greens like kale or spinach. While researching this post, I just discovered a ton of other healthy, gluten-free snacks on Lesser Evil’s site, that I haven’t seen in stores yet. My kids naturally LOVE to pick out one of the healthy options in my new Frigidaire Gallery Top Freezer Refrigerator with Custom-Flex Bins, for instance. We try to keep it real when it comes to our healthy recipes, raising little people, and growing in our faith. Really this is all we eat, so I don’t have much insight to others, but you can usually find galas (a little softer flesh), granny smith (the green, tart ones) and other varieties year round. Try eating some fruits if you still feel hungry, and imperatively need something before going to bed. Polly and I both look for 100% fruit juices or a healthier all-natural alternative to soda. I always choose raw nuts when available (rather than roasted) and for maximum healthiness, avoid any coatings or flavors. If I want a quick snack or a breakfast addition, I’ll eat a banana or apple, but when sugar cravings kick in and I need something more special, I opt for more desirable fruits, like peaches or dried mango slices. In any case this is a better choice than junk food, with enough little calorie and carbohydrate for the health conscious. These are my special treats, and I try not to eat them too quickly so I have them when I need them.

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