As a firm believer in the power of healthy foods, I have often been concerned about kids eating too many sweets at school.  When Solomon and Celia were in preschool, if the teacher gave them a cookie and juice, or if a parent or caregiver brought in cupcakes to celebrate a child’s birthday, their little bellies would be full for hours, and they would come home uninterested in lunch or healthy snacks. I felt it was important to make the majority of their snacks nutritious so they would have the fuel they needed to grow and play. Since there are so many healthy snacks that kids love, it’s easier than many people think to come up with healthier foods to celebrate special holidays or birthdays. I am delighted to share this list of ideas with Ximena and other parents who are struggling with new school policies for healthier classroom foods or who are anxious to limit sweets and junk food in children’s diets.

Supplement the snack with water, low-fat milk or with reduced-sugar drinks like Honest Kids. Although not sugar free the recipe you had for vegan chocolate cake on a pan (made into cupcakes) was a big hit at preschool this Valentine’s Day party. As a parent myself sometimes it can be hard to have my daughter eat healthy things but I think I’m going to have to give some of these recipes a go! But we all do contribute 1 day a month for afternoon snacks (not just birthdays), and a number of the items on the list can be store-bought.

As long as your kid is eating a healthy, well-balanced diet most of the time (breakfast, dinner, snacks at home.

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