I've seen a lot of these body wraps online and at different events for the radio station, and was always a little skeptical. To do it, you get a little paper towel kinda thing that's soaked in a lotion, put it on your "trouble area," and wrap yourself in saran wrap for up to 8 hours.
Here's what I'm thinkin: These wraps are perfect if you have a big event or vacation or something coming up.

It's a bit debilitating because of the wrap, but it also made my posture feel better and a little uncomfort is worth a flat tum. However, if you're looking to keep weight off and really look and feel good- just work out!

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  1. SenatoR

    And her Johns Hopkins team has.


  2. Gunesli_Kayfush

    Sports activities along with the 6 miles (or about 2 hrs of run/walking.