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admin | Exercise Workout Programs | 21.10.2014
One Babes and Kids reader will win a Yoplait Prize Pack to help them jumpstart their Two Week Tune Up. In honor of National Registered Dietitian Day I thought I would start with an issue that I know is on the top of many RD’s minds, and that has to do with DIETS. I'm a registered dietitian working hard to dispel nutrition myths, and to teach people how to live healthy lives without deprivation.
Diet is shadowed with negativity and, as you said, already sets someone up with a feeling of failure.

I think is very sad and ignorant when people say “yeah Im on a diet and I cant eat anything for x amount of days”. It’s frustrating when people feel they have to go to extremes or eliminate foods that they like because they are on a diet. Most of the detox diets say to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and no meats or processed foods. But unless you change your outlook towards food and exercise all together, a diet is rarely going to work out in the long run.

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