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Periodisation at it’s most basic level is not a lot more than a long-term plan for progress in your training.
For the vast majority of golfers this is likely to be a once a week, maybe with the addition of a mid-week comp for those with a little more time!
For the average amateur golfer (with a job, family, etc) this is likely to be something in the range of 1-2 hours, 1-2 times a week. The average amateur golfer, based on our combined experience, probably answers in the negative to most of those questions. Limited flexibility from strength training — Strength training will not restrict your range of motion in key areas for golf unless you neglect your flexibility work.
By following the advice below, the average golfer can arrive at the course on comp day fresh, loose, limber, and in better shape than the week before!
Don’t let people convince you to give up really effective exercises for fear of becoming tight, sore or overtrained. Nick also works with club level and casual golfers of all ages and abilities to help them get the most out their bodies and improve their golf.
My son hits the gym about 3 times per week during the season for about 20 minutes per session with the team.

I would agree, if you are playing football, where there is one game a week for 15 weeks, it’s normal to hit the gym and perform some very dynamic exercise. Most golf fitness experts can all agree that these four areas are essential to improving the athleticism of a golfer’s swing. This goes first because we really want to free up the connective tissue that contributes to forming adhesions, tight spots and general shortness in our muscles. We all know the importance of core strength for golfers and now is the best time to isolate this area and put in some extra work here. To see what it looks like when put into a plan, check out the two example workouts below that have been extracted from a full program planned for four weeks. Disclaimer: Always gain clearance for your training from a doctor or well-qualified exercise professional before commencement of an exercise regime.
Block periodisation is utilised to allow the athlete to focus on developing one single athletic attribute above all else in each block before switching to another for the next block. Be smart with your training, seek out good advice and follow a program that will help you develop as a golf athlete all year round and improve your performance on course. I’ve watched some of these workouts and trust me, not one player, unless they are rehabbing is working very hard in these sessions.

I have arranged them in the same sequence that I often use for the exercises that aim to develop them. Using equipment like spiky balls or foam rollers and techniques like the one demonstrated below, we can alleviate trigger points and soreness from the muscles and generally prep the area for exercise. From there, you can either seek professional advice or simply go ahead and make your own program.
My colleagues and I consider this so important that it is absolutely non-negotiable at the start of every single training session for Golf Queensland and Golf Australia athletes. This increased blood flow will provide the muscles with nice oxygenated blood and warm tendons and ligaments ready for the exercise movements they are about to make. Speed and power being developed after a strength block for example, mobility and stability before adding strength.
These type of exercises, combined with the three categories above, make for a really good golf warm-up, too!

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