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An influential programmer sounded an alarm about the quality of Apple’s software, warning that it had taken a “nosedive” in recent years. I have developed a deep appreciation for a German word, one of those ungainly-looking compounds that nevertheless elegantly captures a feeling we barely know we have. Business Insider See Also Respected developer Marco Arment is worried about Apple's future. The Dig Deep Fitness iPhone application for weight lifters has had recent performance records built into the exercise page from the very start. Hey Ben, I think dig deep is a great app and I have been using the app for several months but recently I ran into a bug. Hello Ben,Your app makes purchasing an iphone appealing.I was using a weight system that had fitlinxx computer attachments until recently. GymGoal Lite offers almost all of the same features as the full version (minus scheduling and measurements it seems) for about half the price in the app store. What I more specifically was trying to achieve was an application that not only logs your workouts but really helps you progress towards a set goal.
Here's a really good app which is a gym game, actually lifting weights not just a brain gym.

For those folks who are having trouble getting to the gym as often as they'd like check out the Gym Visits iphone app. Fitness Buddy: this app not only provides you with a ton of exercises and videos but gives you a simple way to track your exercises. Gym Log+: this app helps you log your moves and track the progress you are making for each body part. GymGoal: one of the best fitness applications for iPhone that lets you keep track of your measurements and comes with a large workout database. Pump Weight: this is an app for personal trainers to keep track of the workout of their clients.
JEFIT: whether you are interested in fitness in general or are a body builder, this app has you covered.
By using a progressive overload formula you will with this app gain around 50 pounds in the Bench Press in just 7 weeks. You can add your own routines and exercises, export your data, and include additional notes with your workout entries. I have some great ideas that I've started to put into action on building this application out.

It is published by the same company as the Programming in Objective-C so I expect great things. After I select my lifter, and the app tells me to select an exercise, the created exercises are not there. Whether you want to use your phone to track your daily workout or just want to learn new exercises, there is an app for you out there. The workout schedule will adopt depending on how you perform on them, up or down or just stick to the program. Not only does this make the Dig Deep Fitness iPhone application much more usable, it also makes it much more motivational.

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