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These 112 grams of pasta contains 72 grams of starch and sugars according to the Nutrition Facts.
Pretty shockingly the results on the blood sugar were just the same with Dreamfields’ and regular pasta. I’m willing to bet any amount of money that Dreamfields pasta is just the tip of the iceberg.
Real healthy low carb food is meat, fish, vegetables and butter, ideally from your local farmer.
Moore on Dreamfieldsgate – Interview with the Pasta President and even more evidence that Dreamfields pasta is just like any pasta: high carb. All in all, I lost 70 pounds not by counting carbs, but by limiting my intake of sugar and processed foods. It even takes less time to prepare an dour entire family eats it-the only issue is, when we go out to eat, I need to substitute for veggies. Dreamfields tastes as good as any store bought pasta - BUT my blood sugar is remarkably LOW. Look, if you or anyone else, find the stuff distasteful for any reason, switch the channel and go back to those 'organic' foods grown in Cow Manure, enhanced by chemical fertilizer, the 'enriched' molasses covered hay they eat all winter, and then drink the water from the reservoirs supplied by the low lying streams that are bordered by farmland that the locals spray liquified cow manure with accompanying urine--of course none of it makes it to the food supply as it magically disappears, probably into the globally-warmed eco-system.
Check out the sugar in the whole milk you drink-the wheat in the beer you drink, sugar in the wine, either chemicals or sugar in the soft drinks, the crap that to be harvested rice and cranberries float in and enjoy! Reply to comment #276 by bob abrams277erdokeFebruary 14There are some tricks with which the insulin spike following a higher carb meal can be reduced. As far as fake foods are concerned, I prefer other types or real foods over low carb pasta, pretzels, popcorn, crackers, etc. Reply to comment #278 by Bob279erdokeFebruary 15At the end of the day low carbing is a tool, just as the tricks mentioned above.

For the first test, I ate identical portions of Barilla pasta and DreamFields pasta on two evenings, after not having eaten since a light lunch, with blood-glucose (bG) at 95 & 97, respectively, which is close enough. Final note -- I may be totally wrong, but I think Dreamfields pasta may have more fiber in it than other pastas, and it DOES give me gas. 283earlMarch 7If you don't rinse the pasta, which IS in the directions, then you do not get the desired results.I am type 2, and so is my mom.
I used them when I started this low carb thing and, if they matter, then I am on the right track with Dreamfields. Ciao Carb High Protein Low Carb Pasta is crafted using only the finest ingredients with Italian tradition.
Each package contains 6 servings of low carb pasta conveniently packaged in single serving pouches to ensure you are eating the appropriate amount. Then they ate the same amount of regular pasta and tested their blood sugar for comparison. Low carb in America has turned into special low carb pasta, low carb ice cream, low carb bread and low carb chocolate bars. If they eat fake low carb products and have trouble losing weight, chances are that’s why. I use Ketosticks to monitor the effectiveness of my efforts, (I'm the instant gratification type unfortunately) and after many sessions, I've learned that I must keep my daily carb intake below 30 grams to stay in ketosis. It is like eating a handful of popcorn or a small baked potato---there is just no such limiting for me, especially staring at the 35 carbs daily. I don't feel bloated or "sick" after eating Dreamfields pasta, as I did with regular pasta.
In general, the low carb areas where I am very strict are sugar and grains, especially modern wheat in any form.

Same for other addictive things like alcohol-well, the Coors Lite or Mick Ultra keep the carb level down but are distilled from grain. While abstinence from sugar is not a problem for me, abstinence from wheat and corn is trying to say the least-hence the look for substitutes which do contain grain and some sugar--or sugar substitutes like Sucralose. They have previously studied the effects of low carb diets, so they were surprised by Dreamfields’ claims that pasta can be low carb. In the course of two weeks I have lost twelve pounds simply by cutting out or moderately taking in carbs.
I made sure to check multiple times a day after eating the pasta, which I paired with a low carb marinara or Alfredo sauce, and not once did I come out of ketosis.
Whatever is in it is fine with my nutritionist who helps me manage diabetes and kidney maintenance - she recommended it and said one of her Italian clients with diabetes has tried ALL pastas and it is the only one that does not spike her blood sugar.
GD this time I eat a balanced amount of carbs all day long and do not see the blood sugar spikes.
If you eat only 30 carbs a day and ate a double portion of this product I can understand why you had high blood glucose after 2 hours.
Then that evening when I had my dinner which was almond crusted chicken with green beans I waited an approximately 45 minutes to test my sugar and I was at 108.
Conclusion from my own personal experience Dream Fields Pasta is like an other pasta consumed and is a carbohydrate that can spike your blood sugar.

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