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Those die-hard vegetable growers who sweat and pant in the heat really have that can-do spirit.
Beyond avoiding summer, one of the most important lessons I've learned about home gardening is this: No two gardens are the same.
Here's what I'll do: I generally wait for the first real cool front to move through the area — that's usually mid-October — so that I'm working when high temperatures are more comfortable for me and most of my plants. Two other tips: Don't fret too much about pests, as they generally aren't much of a problem when the weather cools (at least they haven't been for me).
The granddaddy of all the garden vegetables, everyone wants them in their garden even though horror stories abound and entire books have been written about how to grow them. Kohlrabi, shown right in the photo, is a spaceship-looking vegetable that grows a bulb aboveground. Green beans are safer to start a little earlier in the fall because they tolerate heat better than winter vegetables. Fresh peas from the garden taste like candy, and they are one of the most rewarding vegetables to grow. To plant: Peas are a true cold weather crop and shouldn't be planted until it has cooled off. And definitely try kale chips: It will take you a few tries to figure out how hot your oven should be and how long to cook them to crinkly perfection, but they are delicious. Make sure to cut the leaves of all these vegetables from the bottom and with sharp scissors.

There are few vegetables that taste so profoundly better grown in the garden compared to store-bought. You'll need to thin carrots once their stalks are a few inches tall so that the roots have room to grow. WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED Grow boxes: You can buy these at the store, but they can be expensive. Growing vegetables between October and late spring in this state is a lot of fun and can fill your fridge with a ton of food. By starting certain vegetables from seeds indoors, you can grow them to seedlings that can be planted outside. The white heads are great when grown fresh from the garden, but unlike broccoli they don't grow side heads. There also are a ton of varieties — traditional red and white, French breakfast and long white icicle among them — that add a lot of spice to any garden and diet.
If you notice your plants are losing leaves, check the plant for a worm the size of a roll of pennies — I'm not making that up — and cut it in half with scissors.
The cabbage I've grown in Florida has gotten seriously big and heavy — some have felt like a bowling ball when picked.
If you don't, all you'll get are beet leaves (which are great in a salad) and runty, unusable beets. Turn the trays often so they are forced to stretch the opposite way, which will strengthen them.

Kohlrabi seeds are seriously tiny, so be aware that you'll likely plant too many too close together and will have to thin them. As nice as those larger main heads are, the side heads can produce about 10 times as much food. You'll want to thin those plants once they are a couple of inches high, to about 3 inches apart. You can buy natural fertilizer like cow manure from the store, or you can do what I do: Find a horse stable that gives away manure.
GARDEN GLOSSARY Thinning: Several kinds of vegetables need to be thinned after their seeds have been planted in the garden.
But when the seeds that do germinate are too close together, they can crowd each other out if allowed to grow to maturity.
I raise my beds by digging pathways on both sides of them and tossing that dirt on top of the growing area. If you can, put some kind of barrier around the edges of the bed to keep everything nice and neat in the growing area. You can find natural fertilizers in stores or at local farms (there are more than you think).

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