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There is good consensus among experts that IM vitamin K prophylaxis is safe and is not associated with childhood cancer. What you need to know: The vitamin K shot is safe, even though in the early 1990s, British researchers published data that found an association between vitamin K injections in newborns and childhood leukemia.
Some medical professionals fear that fears and misinformation may be leading parents to decline the vitamin K shot for their newborns. Improving the vitamin K status of breastfeeding infants with maternal vitamin K supplements.

All babies have low levels of K when they’re born, so the shot reduces the chances of vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB), which happens in a small percentage of babies. Since 1961, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that infants receive the vitamin K shot, which is simply a dose of the vitamin. Newborns who have VKDB may have blood in their stool or urine, or they may ooze blood from the skin around the umbilical cord.
The AAP has also stated that recent studies on how childhood leukemia develops show that it’s unlikely vitamin K injections have anything to do with it.

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