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Would you rather pay slightly more now, or alot later on when you're having to fork over thousands in health care costs after years of eating tv dinners. Aso consider that you're actually getting more food for your money, because what you are buying is 100% real food vs.
Buying stuff in bulk and learning how to make some food from scratch will make your wallet happy. Rice, beans, oats - It depends what kind you're buying, a large box of brown min rice is 12$ Haha.

The other way i look at this all the time is that it takes less REAL food to become as full and satisfied as it does to eat junk or processed food. Also, pulses, lentils and rice tend to be a lot cheaper if you go to a small Indian or African shop and buy in bulk. Our prices here are ridiculous so paying the extra money to stay healthy is expensive, but it doesn't mean we just say **** it and eat out instead.
However, It's hard to understand that all foods that are raw are more expensive than fast food, prepackaged foods such as potato chips, twinkies and ice cream.

I tend to go to the supermarket at the end of the day when food that is about to go out-of-date is reduced in price - I get most of my fruit and veg that way, often for 10p or 20p per pack. We pay the extra to insure we are filling our bodies with good quality foods but we don't have the great prices that other people have.

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