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Fruits contain beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but they are also an extra source of potentially problematic sugars like fructose that can be consumed in too large quantities.
Checking your uric acid levels can give you an idea of how much fruit is safe for you to consume. Fruits can be a healthy part of your diet as they are generally rich in vitamins and antioxidants. But, fruits can also be an extra source of sugar, particularly fructose, that you may be better off without.
Whole fruits do contain vitamins and other antioxidants that reduce the hazardous effects of fructose, but the fact is, most people are not only eating fructose from fruit.
The major problem with fructose lies in the excessive amounts so many people consume, which is why for most people, including if you’re overweight or obese, it would actually be wise to limit your fruit fructose to 15 grams or less, as you're virtually guaranteed to get "hidden" fructose from just about any processed food you might eat, including condiments you might never have suspected would contain sugar. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re healthy and do not have insulin resistance, you can probably include some fruits in your diet, assuming you are not eating excess amounts of sugar and fructose elsewhere in your diet.
Some people may be able to process fructose more efficiently than others, and the key to assess this susceptibility to fructose-induced damage lies in evaluating your uric acid levels. The type of fruit will also make a difference in its nutrient value, as all fruits are definitely not equal in this respect. Everyday I’d combine spinach, water and mixed fruit like pineapple, banana, berries, apple, etc. Fruit sugar is whole, natural, full of micronutrients and unprocessed, the sugars you refer to in the soda are typically high fructose corn syrup and the like, there is no comparison. First of all, fructose in fruit sugar is far different than the fructose that is made by processing corn.
I’m not talking about corn or high fructose corn syrup, you clearly misunderstood that. Dani, Thank you for your knowledge and your willingness to share even if you get criticism. One of the most important things that your baby and body needs while you are pregnant is a multi-vitamin. Inside this multi-vitamin are very important nutrients that your baby needs to grow properly and that you need in order to keep your body healthy while your little one steals the nutrients that you consume on a daily basis. However, it is very important that you discuss your workout plans with your doctor before beginning. Another great way to stay healthy while you are pregnant is something that you are doing right now; learning. Your doctor will fill you in on many of these items, but additional information is always a good idea. This is ill-advised and in reality you should eat healthier while pregnant than any other time in your life. While some amounts are alright on a weekly basis, many women choose to avoid them altogether while they are pregnant. Staying healthy also involves staying away from those who are sick while you are pregnant as well. When pregnant our immune systems are not quite what they used to be and catching some things are easier while we are pregnant. Treating it the right way while you are pregnant is important both for the health of your baby and for your health during and after pregnancy. So, I suggest you do a lot more research before you make statements like the ones in this article. Yeah, dried fruit has a lot of health benefits that candy doesn’t along with the sugar. A site that claims to be all about health endorsing M&Ms instead of dried fruits, because it contains less (insert gasp) sugar than dried fruits. Understand that the average person will NOT stop at eating 2 of ANYTHING as small as a dried fruit. Before you jump the gun and completely misunderstand the way this article was intended, I want to clarify a few things here. Biochemistry will show you that fruit sugar (fructose) is processed differently by the body than sucrose or glucose. Fresh fruit is a much better option as it is lower in sugar, higher in fiber, higher in nutrients, but again, too much fruit is not a good idea for the above listed health issues.
We are by no means endorsing candy here, but in comparison, dried fruit is much higher than candy. And, if still in doubt, read the research on fructose and consider your sources that have told you that the more fruit you eat, the better. Toxins are found at Japan’s nuclear facility breakdown after the tsunami or at Chernobyl. You know, this is an extremely bold statement that can be true in some circumstances but certainly not all. For those who have diets higher in fat (paleo, atkins, etc), dried fruit is more dangerous because it will become attached to those molecules and be stored in a negative way on the body. However, for those who consume a higher carbohydrate, lower fat, diet like myself (801010, raw vegan, etc.) it is extremely beneficial. As a registered dietitian who works closely with the Calorie Control Council, I can tell you that fructose is NOT the problem with eating dried fruit.
Dried fruit without sulfur dioxide is also to be distinguished from dried fruits with preservatives! From the view of Ayurveda, the qualities of foods should also be taken into account to determine what is a healthy choice for one person, and what is not.
But if you are overweight, have high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, or high cholesterol, then these are signs it is best to limit your fructose, even from fruits.

A great rule of thumb is to avoid hybrid varieties, which are fruits that have been altered by humans. This smoothie is rich in healthy fats, choline, vitamins A, E, D and K as well as B vitamins.
With the addition of the fiber in fruit, you don’t get the increase in blood glucose like you would by drinking pure sugar water (soda).
A fruitarian diet lacks critical fats, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids. From your critique of what ancient societies ate, it’s clear that you obtain your information from one-sided, half factual entities.
Growing another human being inside of you is hard work and your body will go through many changes through the next few months.
For this reason, it is very important that you follow certain guidelines to keep your body healthy in the attempt of creating the best place for your baby to grow and develop. There are many prenatal vitamins available over the counter, but your doctor may prescribe a specific brand for you to try.
Many women have found that minimal exercise, such as walking is a great way to ease the pains of labor and will help you jump start the weight loss journey that you will be on once you have your baby. Some women, who are classified as high class pregnancies, are not allowed to exercise at all. Educate yourself on pregnancy and learn more about the things that you should or should not do during this time.
If you are questioning something that you found, however, be sure to talk it over with your doctor, who will be able to explain it better to you. Many women believe that since they are pregnant that this gives them the right to eat everything that they want.
Fish with high counts of mercury, for example, should be limited throughout your pregnancy. It is also important to refrain from smoking, drinking and consume large amounts of caffeine and sugary snacks while you are pregnant. Although catching a cold while you are pregnant will not necessarily harm your baby, the added weight that you are carrying around will make it harder for you to breath. With the many changes that your body is going through, it is going to need extra sleep while it is trying to grow your baby. However, it is important to remember that your body is creating something special for you to enjoy for many years to come.
Staying healthy now is the best way to ensure that you remain healthy while you are recovering from giving birth.
It turns out that eating chewy, gooey dried fruit isn’t the healthy snack you think it is.
Yes, I agree that too much dried fruit is bad for you, but only because you’re not getting the water content that you would with fresh fruit. I am 80% fruitarian (I eat fruit for almost all of my meals), and I have LOST body fat since I’ve been doing this. Of course a cup of dried fruit will have more sugar than that same fruit if it were fresh because you’ll fit more dried fruit in a cup! So if you’re looking for a little bit of sweetness, dried fruit is probably a better choice than a candy bar. 2 hours later I felt like I was dying, severe stomach cramps got worse throughout the day & I was massively bloated for the next 3 days. So, please people, don’t read between the lines that we are telling you to completely avoid dried fruit, but to enjoy it within reason, based on your health status, your health goals, your activity level, and your body fat goals. I think your right its all about moderation but sometimes we just don’t know our portions, I think thats the main message. Toxins used by Wellness Marketing is to make you concerned so you buy their advice or product. The body naturally detoxes betwen eating events unless you are eating like a toddler– every two hours. When someone writes that VLDL is a cholesterol rich in TGs and that fruit causes diabetes, you know that person has absolutely no scientific knowledge. The potential problem with eating dried fruit is the concentration of carbs in the form of natural sugars. Organic, unsweetened raisins are a far better choice than chocolate chips or cookies or cake. I would strongly encourage everyone to have their uric acid level checked to find out how sensitive you are to fructose. Measuring your uric acid levels is a very practical way to determine just how strict you need to be when it comes to your fructose – and fruit -- consumption. While that sugar is healthier sugar than what is found is soft drinks or beer, it’s still a lot of sugar to be ingesting, especially first thing in the morning! Furthermore, your brain doesn’t need fat for fuel, it needs glucose (aka sugar), which it runs on exclusively. Only after I finally accepted that my body wasn’t thriving off of this diet did I do actual research into nutrition science and not dogmatic information fueled by a vegetarian agenda.
You say that carbs have been a part of successful civilizations from the beginning of humanity and this only became a problem when they started also eating meat and fat. But I do encourage these carbs to be sourced from safe starches, and to not eat them to excess. I watch the amount of fruit and also add in greens, cucumbers, celery, beets, flax oil, hemp seeds, avocado (sometimes). Make sure that you wash your hands throughout the way and stay away from those with the sniffles at work.

Chances are you are going to be pretty wiped out anyway and you will embrace the extra time to rest gracefully.
It’s called fructose and it can create all kinds of havoc on your health, says Hundt. So if you’re comparing one candy bar to the equivalent of 4 servings of dried fruit, yeah, those 4 servings of dried fruit will likely contain more sugar. There’s so much good information out-there on the internet that backs the marvelous benefits of dried fruits.
Whole foods for the sake of whole foods are *ALWAYS* better than the processed alternative. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by Well+Good LLC. I've included a chart below of fructose levels in fruit to give you an idea of what 25 grams a day looks like.
The major cause of candida is the presence of too much sugar and fat in the blood stream simultaneously, as I’m sure you know candida thrives in an environment with out oxygen. And I’m sure you pull all of your information from Paleo dogmatic websites seeing as they only agree with your opinions and not challenge it, so the fact that you are so ignorantly misrepresenting the truth is understandable, but as a 5 year educated Nutrition Coach myself, I cannot just sit back and allow misinformation and opinions to be touted as fact with out speaking up.
Excess fructose gets quickly converted by the liver into VLDL, a form of cholesterol that’s high in triglycerides, which leads to fat storage. It seems like you’re assuming that people are going around scarfing down cups upon cups of dried fruit per day, when it seems much more likely that people sprinkle some raisins on their oatmeal, have a handful of trail mix as a snack, etc. Fruit sugars are digested differently than the cane sugar or beet sugar used to make candy.
Also, the fiber will slow you down and make you feel full way more quickly than candy, so you’re less likely to eat a lot of it. Dried fruit is very high in fructose, which means that it needs to be enjoyed within reason, particularly by those who have high triglyceride levels or metabolic syndrome or fatty liver disease. Fat thickens the blood and does not allow for oxygen nor glucose absorption into the cells, this prolonged situation leads to candida, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and eventually diabetes.
Nobody is gaining weight on a diet with more than 1 banana per day unless they are supplementing it with cake! Since I have started to replace lots of fruit in my diet with vegetables, I feel much cleaner and more alert.
It lacks healthy fats which is necessary to fuel the body and brain, as well as keep you satiated. If you are going to present your internet research as hard facts, then I suggest you get off of the Paleo websites and look somewhere more credible and neutral on the topic of nutrition.
Maybe the high fruit is not for you but comparing Pineapple to Soda is not a good argument. Rice for the Asian population, corn for the Incas, wheat and barley for the Romans, and potatoes for the Myans. Some of these civilizations ate starches from vegetables, but not all civilizations had access to them. And let’s not forget that dried fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber and are a whole, unprocessed food. Cane sugar will rot your teeth and make your body acidic, which causes a multitude of diseases and health issues. You should compare the nutritiona content of 1 serving each of those foodstuffs, instead of comparing 1 or 2 servings of one with 4 servings of the other.
Also, that candy bar may not have any more sugar than a cup of dried fruit, but it most certainly is loaded with processed sugars, oils, and chemicals rather than natural sugars, vitamins, and minerals, and antioxidants.
Consider that a safe amount of fructose is about 25 grams per day, 15 g if you struggle with metabolic disorders. Eating just fruit will clean out years of sludge that has built up in your digestive tract from all of the processed foods you’ve eaten your entire life. You also need to consider water weight and muscle weight b4 blaming dried fruit… Never in my life have i heard an obese person blame fruit. Therefor leading to elevated levels of blood sugar for extended periods of time, causing the liver to exude more and more insulin in an attempt to rid the body of this toxic level of blood sugar, and no matter where you look THAT is the definition of the diabetic condition, and insulin resistance. You have reminded me that trail mix and dried fruit belong in the special occasion sweets section of my pantry, right alongside the chocolate, cookies, and licorice! Fats are some of the healthiest foods we can eat and in no way leads to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome or diabetes.
Furthermore, the fat in your brain doesn’t run off of fat, anymore than the fat in your body. The healthiest civilizations didn’t avoid animals products, they avoided modern day toxic food. Fat doesn’t need fuel, fat is what we burn FOR fuel, what feeds the muscles is glucose. And when you consume fructose in abundance, it turns into free fatty acids and triglycerides. These things are caused by the overconsumption of carbs and sugars (like a smoothie with 3 cups of fruit!). I definitely recommend reading up on current nutritional science before making blanket statements that are outdated, invalid and potentially detrimental to peoples’ health. For your own sake and the sake of the Heath & Fitness community, I highly suggest letting go of your dogmatic ideals and really digging in to adverse opinions as opposed to blowing it off as ridicule and outdated.

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