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Gerbils are small rodents that originate from arid and desert regions in Africa, Asian and Indian.
In NatureGerbils are hardy eaters who gather food during the daytime hours in their natural environments. Specially Formulated PelletsIn the wild, gerbils forage for seeds, fruits and grains found in the environment.
Gerbil MixBecause gerbils love variety and seeds, a commercial mixture, often called gerbil mix, is ideal. Special Gerbil Diet ConsiderationsGerbils love to eat, though in the wild they don't have unlimited access to food. Gerbils belong to the Rodentia family and are omnivorous - omnivores mainly eat seeds, grains, grasses and insects. Gerbils require fresh fruit and vegetables as part of their diet but in small quantities only to avoid an upset stomach.
A variety of grass seeds, berries, nuts and hay such as alfalfa and timothy are staples for wild gerbils. However, gerbil owners don't have to search in nature to provide a nutritionally-balanced diet for these tiny pets. They enjoy almost any type, because in the wild gerbils readily have access to leafy greens, berries and some root vegetables. Because they have tendencies to eat indiscriminately in captivity, certain foods should be limited to keep these small rodents from become overweight or even obese. Whether provided in a water bottle hung from the corner of the cage or in a sturdy bowl, these small rodents always appreciate plenty of clean, fresh water.

Gerbils need deep litter to enable them to burrow into and dust free wood shavings are ideal for this. Gerbils are kept as pets throughout the world, and thrive in captivity with proper care that includes complete nutrition. Because of their diverse natural diets of grains, fruits and vegetables, gerbils are easy to feed in captivity. Pellets that are specially formulated for gerbils are available at most pet shops and retail stores with pet sections. Give treats such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, commercial cereals and even fruit in moderation, as these foods can be fattening.
Only give them a little bit of one of these at a time if you are going to give a gerbil any. A tasty crunchy blend of cereals, seeds, vegetables, nuts, fruit and mealworms is ideal as encourages natural foraging and contains animal & vegetable protein as eaten in the wild. They are designed to simulate the natural environment of a gerbil, they have a deep glass or plastic base allowing them to burrow, a cage top with ladders and tunnels leading between the two to allow them climb and play.
A diet that consists of a combination of commercially prepared pellets along with fresh seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables mimics the natural gerbil diet. These pellets contain a variety of grain and seed ingredients that are ground together to form small pieces of food just right for gerbils' small mouths.
Gerbils often prefer larger seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower, and gradually nibble around the smaller seeds in the mix after they have devoured their favorites. Though they also enjoy fruits such bananas, peaches and even dried fruit, too many of these sugary treats can lead to obesity and health concerns.

Gerbils also prefer these tasty morsels to other more nutritious grains, so limiting them will encourage these little pets to eat what is best for them. This can be done by mixing small quantities of the new food in with their existing food, while reducing their existing food proportionally until the food is fully changed over. This ensures that your gerbil has all the exercise required, as well as a living environment to keep them healthy and happy.
Therefore, gerbils do best when their primary diet is supplemented with only small pieces of fruits and vegetables no more than once a day. Never give foods that pose the risk of choking, such as hard, dried beans or large pieces of hard vegetables. Though gerbils usually enjoy these pellets that are formulated for their tastes and nutritional needs, these hardy rodents enjoy variety just like they do in the wild. Once they are settled in regular, gentle handling and contact can prevent timid or aggressive behaviour. Finally, some vegetables such as onions, cabbage and potatoes pose the threat of gastric problems in gerbils, so do not give these to your little pets.

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