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Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is an important B-vitamin that is needed by the body for proper energy metabolism and performing a wide variety of cellular functions. Deficiency of vitamin B2 can cause cracking or reddening of the lips (cheliosis), burning and itching of eyes, appearance of blood vessels in the white portion of the eyes, scaly skin rashes, sore throat, mouth inflammation and ulcers and even iron deficiency anaemia.
The table given below shows the recommended intake of vitamin B2 for people of different age groups. The foods given below are some of the best sources of riboflavin and they should form part of your diet. As far as meats are concerned, beef contains a lot of vitamin B2 along with other B-complex vitamins. Milk is also a good source of vitamin B2 as well as other B-complex vitamins along with calcium and other minerals.
These vitamin B2 rich foods are nowhere difficult to find and include in your regular diet. The best way to get the required intake of vitamin B2 is to consume foods that are rich in this vitamin as synthetic riboflavin is only absorbed at a rate of 15% when taken on an empty stomach. Among the nuts, almonds are the best vitamin B2 rich foods providing 1.10 mg or 60% of the daily value (DV) of this vitamin in a 100 grams serving.

A serving of 100 grams raw brown Italian mushrooms contains 0.49 mg or 29% DV of vitamin B2. As far as vitamin B2 is concerned, mackerel is the best source providing 0.58 mg or 34% DV of this vitamin in a 100 grams serving.
A piece of lean pork sirloin contains 3.11 mg which is equivalent to 183% DV of vitamin B2. Sesame seeds are the richest source of vitamin B2, providing 0.47 mg or 27% DV in a 100 grams serving. There are several varieties of cheese of which Gjetost is the best with 100 grams serving providing 1.38 mg or 81% DV of vitamin B2. Other nuts that contain riboflavin in smaller amounts include pistachios, pine nuts and cashew nuts, each providing 4% DV of vitamin B2 in an ounce serving.
Lamb is also a good source of riboflavin with a 3 oz serving of cooked lamb leg providing 21% DV of this vitamin.
Other varieties of mushrooms that contain significant amounts of vitamin B2 include stir fried white mushrooms (29% DV), grilled Portabella (29% DV) and dried shiitake (22% DV) in a serving of 8 mushrooms. Other oily fish also contain significant amounts of vitamin B2 such as smoked salmon (27% DV), wild salmon (24% DV), trout (21% DV), tuna and herring (15% DV) and salmon (11% DV) in a 3 oz.

Similarly, raw, fried or scrambled egg provides 13% DV while poached egg provides 11% DV of vitamin B2. It is also quite a good source of vitamin B2 with 100 grams serving providing 0.24 mg or 14% DV of riboflavin. Apart from providing the body with vitamin B2, they also work wonders on proper functioning of metabolism and cellular processes. Thus, a great idea to improve your vitamin B2 intake is to have an egg on your breakfast plate! Beef liver is also a good choice for increasing your intake of vitamin B2 and other vitamins. Other seeds that contain vitamin B2 include sunflower seeds (6% DV), chia seeds, pumpkin & squash seeds (3% DV). Thus, you can have a dish of steamed vegetables or enjoy them in salads to get the recommended amount of nutrients including vitamin B2.

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