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Green tea aids weight loss because it contains the polyphenol epigallacatechin gallate (EGCG) which boosts the metabolism and allows fat to be burned more readily. Red apples contain querecetin, a flavonoid which can block the maturation of baby fat cells and inhibit the rate at which new fat cells are formed.
Losing that extra belly fat surely needs a lot of effort on your part but at the same time it is important that those efforts are directed in the right way to get maximum benefits.
This will help you lead a healthier life as you lose your belly fat and become fit and fine. The connection between our liver and belly fat may not be immediately apparent, but they are indeed related. Since high insulin levels cause the body to store more fat, especially on the abdomen, keeping those levels healthy helps to combat belly fat.
This will not only help you lose belly fat fast but will also ensure that you maintain your weight for a healthier and happy life. These heart-healthy fats help raise your healthy HDL cholesterol levels and reduce overall inflammation. Research has shown that a diet with a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids and a low percentage of omega-6 fatty acids has been linked with decreased inflammation.

Want to see your belly fat cut down then it is time that you include a lot of fiber and protein in your diet. Thus, though it fills your stomach, it does not add on to your calories count and thus help regulate fat collection on your body especially belly fat.
Cleansing diets that can help lose belly fat fast include fruit juices or fresh fruits and green tea with lemon and honey. Vitamin C can lower the stress hormone cortisol and thus decrease the chance of belly-fat storage. The whole idea is to ensure that you lose stubborn fat around your belly and keep yourself fit.
Thus when you plan out belly fat diets, you are also giving your body all the nutrients required for maintaining a good overall health.
Fiber poses interference in the body’s fat absorption process and thus even if you eat some amount of fatty food; fiber will help in eliminating it from the body without being completely absorbed.
However, diets to lose belly fat are not a magic potion, they need to be combined with a regular and consistent exercise regime and a continuous effort to lead a healthy life. In one animal study, mice who were supplemented with this nutrient lost 5-10% more body fat as a result.

Most workouts designed to help people lose weight need to be combined with good diet plan for effective results.
While you are having your fiber rich food, taking time to chew and swallow will help your body register the food and thus help in weight loss which in turn will help reduce belly fat. Such a diet not only aids weight loss and helps reduce belly fat but also improves the digestive system and also helps fight different health problems.
Some of these low fat foods that are rich in fiber content include nuts, extra virgin olive oil, fish, lean meats, etc. This may be due to its ability to stimulate a protein that causes fat to be burned more easily. A good exercise routine combined with some effective belly fat diet plan will help you lose your belly fat fast.

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