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Avoid storage, freezing and excessive cooking of above food items as it can destroy vitamin E in them.
Recommended amount of Vitamin E is 10 mg per day for males and 8 mg per day for females but may increase if you are suffering from Vitamin E deficiency.
Unlike Vitamin A and D, that are stored in liver, Vitamin E or beauty vitamin is stored in body fats which mean that every cell is getting a protection from this vitamin. Vitamin E fights against the free radicals and neutralize them before they enter into the cells.

Though Vitamin E comes with numerous benefits but it should be used carefully in patients who are taking blood thinning agents like warfarin, heparin or aspirin or patients with Vitamin K deficiency. A study conducted in 132,837 people in China showed that how the consumption of Vitamin E (either from natural form or supplemental form) helps is protecting the people from liver cancer. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant that fights against the free radicals formed in the body due to smoking, environmental toxic exposure and body’s natural chemical reaction and thus enhances our immune system.
This is quite beneficial in case of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) that are prone to free radical damage.

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