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Normally deficiencies of this vitamin do not appear when an adequate diet is followed, except in some special conditions which will need to take a group B vitamin supplement or a supplement of thiamine. The lack of thiamine was responsible for beriberi, a disease that was very common in all countries of the world when the diet was based almost exclusively on refined cereals.
Since 1940, the inclusion of this supplement in the manufacture of food from seed or whole cereals has solved the problem. The administration of vitamin supplements, under strict medical supervision, may be appropriate. Tannin-rich beverages such as coffee or tea, for its high tannin content, can inhibit the absorption of this vitamin. Vitamin B1, Thiamin, or Thiamine, is an essential nutrient required by the body for maintaining cellular function and consequently a wide array of organ functions. Daisy Whitbread BSc (Hons) MSc DipION is a fully qualified nutritionist also trained in nutritional therapy.
She then studied Nutritional Therapy for three years at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition. Though vitamin B1 is not required in large quantities by our body, its deficiency can lead to beriberi which can be fatal too. If you come across breads which have the term ‘enriched’ or ‘fortified’ on their food label, you can be sure that it has thiamine in it.
They may look small but eating a handful of nuts and seeds every day will do your body a whole lot of good.
They are perhaps the best source of thiamine and should be a part of your diet if you are a non-vegetarian.

The amount of thiamine one needs depends on the number of calories they eat and also how much of it is from carbohydrates.
For this reason, when there is a deficiency of this vitamin, there are problems with depression, fatigue, lack of interest, problems of poor memory or poor mental agility. Its deficiency causes the degradation of nerve fibers and causes unpleasant symptoms such as lack of coordination, tingling sensations in the legs, hands or feet.
Its deficiency causes a lack of agility, pain in the calves or bad contractions of the heart. The use of this supplement counteracts the removal of thiamine that occurs in congestive heart failure patients undergoing treatment with diuretics. The application dose of 500 mg thiamine daily along with other B vitamins is very beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism. The administration of a thiamine supplement in daily doses of 100-500 mg may be appropriate. It is particularly required if you are taking any other medical treatment or if you suffer from any disease. The cookies of this website are used to personalise the content and the advertisements, for offering social functions and for analysing the web traffic. Deficiency of vitamin B1 leads to wholesale degeneration of the body, particularly the nervous and circulatory systems, and eventually death.
It is therefore important to get its intake on a regular basis from natural sources of food. The reason for calling it enriched is because most of the times during the processing, these vitamins are lost so they have to be put back into the bread or cereal for it to have the same nutritional value again.

Amongst all the different varieties, tuna, salmon, trout and mackerel have the highest amounts of vitamin B1.
But overcooked meat can be harmful and devoid of the vitamin so make sure the cooking method is healthy. Furthermore, we share information about the use of this website with our partners of social media, advertising and web analysis. A fact about this vitamin is it is water-soluble so our body cannot store it which means, we need a regular intake of it from food sources.
Opt for a mixed bag but if you are too picky, then settle for cashew nuts or pistachios as they have the highest quantity of thiamine. But the important thing to remember here is to not cook them in excess heat or very high temperatures as they can lose their nutritive value. It is better to steam them or cook on a lower flame so that they still retain their nutrition. Over-consumption of vitamin B1 is unknown and studies show that amounts taken well in excess of the daily value (DV) can actually enhance brain functioning.

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