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The results - You can look forward to a temporary loss of inches, younger looking skin, and a feeling of invigoration.
A body wrap does just what its name suggests; in the treatment, your body is wrapped snugly in fabric along with natural botanicals and minerals. The goal of detox wraps is to draw out excess fluids located in the interstitial spaces of the body, which are areas that are in between cells.

The tight cocoon creates a thermal blanket, so you sweat out all the toxins and unnecessary water weight you carry. The snug, all-over fit of the wrapping material causes clients to sweat and acts as a vasodilator. The result--you get a good dose of vitamins and minerals, sweat out toxins, and lose a few inches of water weight in the process.

Detox wraps are also firming treatments, and they can leave skin looking clear and healthy.

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