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The It Works wraps have a fresh shelf life of one year and many people that are no longer It Works distributors are selling old wraps on Amazon and eBay. With our NEW It Works Loyal Customer referral program, you can’t afford to miss out on the benefits you get from ordering directly from an authorized It Works body wraps distributor. You also have the ability to earn as many boxes of FREE It Works body wraps as you want in your first 30 days as a Loyal Customer! That policy is in place to protect you as an It Works body wraps customer from getting old, outdated products. We don’t even have this packaging for our It Works facial applicators anymore and here is someone trying to sell old facial applicators on Amazon!
If you take a look at the It Works body wraps reviews on Amazon, the majority are bad reviews because they are getting bad outdated product from an Un-Authorized Distributor.

Most people buying them from Amazon are NOT getting the astonishing results that thousands upon thousands have been experiencing from this wonderful Ultimate Body Applicator because they are getting outdated product that might not even be the real deal. Whoever or wherever you buy them from, just don’t buy your It Works body wraps on Amazon!
Our unique herbal Body Wrap solutions are scientifically formattdd with botanicals and natural herbs to promote the breakdown of fat and cellulite. See why, but first let me repeat that, getting It Works body wraps on Amazon is NOT the best choice or deal for you! That’s pretty much it because the It Works body wraps prices selling on Amazon are more than what you can get fresh quality product directly from It Works through me.
We are not allowed to sell ANY It Works products on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist or any other website other than our approved It Works distributor website.

I'm Dan Howard (New Life Body Wraps) a Diamond Distributor with It Works Global (id #801788) and a Passionate Entrepreneur helping struggling individuals, families, salons and spas earn more, live more, and give more! When you buy from the Thin Botanicals team today, please feel free to call with any questions about our wraps.

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