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I was really surprised by how much weight she had lost because I remember she gained a lot of weight after she had a baby.
This inspired me to go online and find out more about this Venus Factor that has claimed to have helped lots of single women and moms lose weight in a short amount of time. John Barban is the creator of the Venus Factor and is a renowned world class fitness expert in weight loss, nutrition and physiology.
What I found out about this program is that it is not so much focused on the amount of time you have to weight yourself after every intensive workout.
The program tells you to completely avoid doing the kind of exercises that men do,such as weighted abdominal exercises, weight core and oblique exercises. Training your abs more often using heavier weight will make you look blockier and thicker in that area.  So avoid these exercises completely as they are only designed for shaping a mans body. When you know what part of your body you want to lose weight, The Venus Factor Weight Loss program makes every two kilos you lose look like four.
And because this is a weight loss program you will need to cut out your favorite foods, such as ice-cream, pizza, French fries, etc. Apparently there was a lot of talk before this weight loss system was released specifically aimed to help women. There are thousands of before and after pictures from women who have successfully transformed their bodies using the Venus Factor System.
If you had plans on buying the Venus Factor but were a little skeptical, you should do a bit more research and will find a whole community of women that share their weight loss tips and success stories with other members of the Venus Factor.

The Venus Factor Diet Reviews is the newest diet plan exclusively for women and also seems to be one of the very best.
December 13, 2014 By admin Leave a Comment Read this review to learn why the Venus Factor System will help you drop inches off your waist in just a days! The Bodyweight Burn system has another name is BW3 Wokrout, it includes three great kinds of exercises including: metabolic-muscle, cardioflow and afterburner. Cardio flow workout in the program is a great chain of weight loss exercise which are very efficient and they are put in a long series of movements which are continuous with no rest and no break. Besides, in the program, you will be provided Carb-synch diet system which is a great plan.
In The Bodyweight Burn system, Ryan Murdoch and Adam Steer also shows you about 5 vairous kinds of days include: backloead, good carb, moderate carb, low carb and 24-hour fast.
Most of exercises and eating plans provided in The Bodyweight Burn system are easy and simple to follow. To be familiar with the workouts provided in The Bodyweight Burn system, firstly of all, you need to wath the guides carefully. When I got down to that weight on that particular program where I weighed in all my life, I thought this is just me, I can’t be any lighter.
Not to worry though you can still eat other foods in moderation, but there are also instructions on what foods to eat to help you lose weight. Overall, this program is one of the most impressive and effective weight loss programs I have seen in a long time.

Just like any other weight loss exercise program it will require effort and commitment to achieve the results you want. The plan helps you determine your idyllic index ratio and whether you need to lose or gain weight. So, Why don’t you look at our Bodyweight Burn review about a quick weight loss program which can help you achieve a perfect body weight only within 12 weeks. All of them only last about 21 minutes each days and concentrate on utilizing your body weight . I''m just a regular girl in my late twenties and I purchased the Venus Factor because it has helped me as well as some of my friends lose weight and transform their bodies. The revolutionary solutions in the program will help you lose weight very fast and get a attractive shape at your own home without any special equipment and tools for working out. The main target of the first six-week stage is to build toned muscle mass in order that you can improve your metabolism and the metabolic system . This plan combines with each exercise each day in order that you can lose weight more expensive.

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