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Losing weight naturally and safely is a challenge for virtually everyone looking to improve their health and shed those extra pounds.
When it comes to weight loss there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution because it requires different treatment at different times in your life. The ARH Bariatric Surgery and Medical Weight Loss Management Center offers customized weight loss solutions tailored to every phase of your weight loss journey. Wrestlers looking to move down in weight class will shrink their limbs on a steady diet of raw dandelions and hot-dog water.

Medical Weight Loss Solutions’ three-step process helps weight-loss seekers shed bulk and maintain their svelte figures through proper nutrition and supplemental lipotropic injections infused with vitamin B12. Before you set forth on your pilgrimage to weight-loss mecca, the professional medical staff at Medical Weight Loss Solutions will conduct a thorough medical evaluation, including a full body-composition analysis and an individual consultation to discuss your weight-loss goals. The lipotropic injections, administered by a registered nurse, contain vitamins, fat-burning supplements, and handsomeness, designed to buoy your weight-loss efforts by increasing energy and removing excess fat from the liver. Using this information, your physician creates a four-week custom weight-loss plan specific to your body type, as well as dietary needs or restrictions, taking into account any taste aversion to purple skittles or shark meat you might already have.

Weight-loss maintenance is the program’s end goal, leaving folks feeling healthier, slimmer, and ready to sport horizontal stripes on their wedding day.

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