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However, it is still not sufficient for those who are attempting to control and maintain their weight.
Because of the fact that it is very popular, several people make use of it as a tool for them to lose weight. Many people argue that it is for weight loss because it offers a food quantity guide for what an individual should eat based on his age, gender and weight and it is designed for staying healthy. By knowing the correct way to eat for weight loss, you will not just achieve a to-die-for body, but maintain it for years as well, no matter what hormonal changes occur in your body.

However, the government rebuts it.Lessening the food amounts in order to lose weight is a total guesswork and not the purpose of the publication.
Its main purpose is only to make your nutrition balanced, and not to provide a guide for diets and weight loss. Due to the various intentions and potential danger, anyone aiming to shed pounds fast must not use the newly improvised food pyramid.However, once an individual has attained his desired weight, then sure, he may consider the food pyramid as a great tool to stay fit and healthy. Take note that in weight loss, all starts in the mind because it is the root cause of the problem.

However, people should first have something that will help them create a meal plan to enable them to shed pounds fast.The Meal PlanIn order for weight loss to be easy, the meal plan must be simple to use.
These days, people are always busy and have better things to do, and that time commitment and effort does not fit into their lifestyle and time schedule.If you are planning to use the food pyramid as your guide to lose weight, just forget about your plan.

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