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MMAXOUT has repetitively succeeded time and again in weight loss, muscle definition, performance enhancement, and strength conditioning in their members.
Realistically, to date the most effective weight loss and toning component is muscle confusion and shocking the body with MMAXOUT fitness. With the continued success of The Biggest Loser, the fitness industry is brimming with fitness boot-camp programs in such varied locations as sunny California, Mexico and Florida.
Bikini Boot Camp invites women and men to work out on the beach along the Mayan Riviera and spend downtime exploring the nearby ruins or swimming in secluded cenotes (limestone swimming holes). In southwestern France, Camp Biche is the rare boot camp that allows a nice glass of wine alongside an exercise regimen. Dudes can get buff at Men's Fitness Boot Camp with 5 hours of daily workouts interspersed with low-glycemic meals and nutritional education.
About 4 times a year, the Jungle Bay Resort and Spa in Dominica hosts week-long boot camps for travelers looking to combine a Caribbean holiday with intense workouts in the rainforest.

Mountain Trek's staff helps guests lose weight and get fit while inspiring a love for hiking in an intimate setting that accommodates just 16 guests. This boot camp sold out, as have all of the week-long camps have since the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center started the program in October 2014. Visitors exercise discipline while logging nearly 70 miles on the hiking trails, mastering new yoga moves at the hilltop meditation and yoga center, and dining on vegetarian fare. Participants are matched with a hiking group based on fitness level and set off on half- or full-day adventures on hiking trails through Baja California, Mexico, at Rancho La Puerta, and at a British Columbia fitness camp. But, it turns out, destination-based fitness boot camps are a great way renew yourself and -- the best part -- return home to your daily life looking and feeling better than when you left. Petersburg, FL, area, the boot camp's intense workouts include gut-busting core conditioning, strength training and beach workouts.
At the end of the season, when Kelli had the chance to pay her experience forward and give a loved one a free week at a boot camp in Colorado, she chose her dad.

AdvertisementOn Wednesday, there he was, along with more than 30 other boot campers — most of whom had paid $3,999 (lodging and meals included) for a week-long version of the reality show they follow.
This camp, along with every other camp the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center has offered since starting the medical-tourism program in October, was sold out. She was a fan of "Extreme Weight Loss" and signed up for the boot camp as soon as she learned it existed.

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