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Missy Elliott credited a healthy diet and rigorous workouts to her jaw-dropping 30-pound weight loss, which she flaunted at the Oct. Shaun T, whose clients include Mariah Carey and Nick Carter, said focused interval training is the key to weight loss. Rapper Rick Ross credits CrossFit workouts and a portion-controlled diet for his 100-pound weight loss, which he showed off on Instagram.
Ross isn't the only celebrity who has lost a dramatic amount of weight doing CrossFit workouts.
Zach Galifianakis attributed his recent weight loss, estimated at about 50 pounds, to an alcohol-free diet, E!
While weight loss is a great side effect of sobriety, Galifianakis, 45, admitted he had a problem with alcohol for many years. Other celebrities who have lost dramatic amounts of weight after eliminating alcohol include Tim McGraw, who lost 40 pounds with an alcohol-free Paleo diet and CrossFit workouts, and Chris Pratt, who lost 80 pounds on a low carb, beer-free Paleo-style diet.

She has publicly battled with her weight ever since giving birth to her second son, Harry, back in July. Her plan must have worked as the 5ft 7in tall blonde beauty has revealed her incredible results in a series of snaps after achieving her target weight of 10st 7lbs. Graves' disease attacks the thyroid and can cause weight loss, anxiety, excessive sweating, insomnia and heart palpitations, according to the Mayo Clinic. Country superstar Tim McGraw credited the combination of CrossFit and the Paleo diet for his incredible 40-pound weight loss. In fact, he lost so much weight he had to wear a prosthetic belly for the 2013 comedy, "The Hangover Part III".
But Jennifer Ellison, 30, has lost an incredible two stone in just over two months and is back to a size ten after starting the Cambridge Weight Plan, which restricts her to eating just 800 calories a day. Her long blonde curly locks cascaded over her shoulders.In another flattering image, Jennifer wore a black Herve Leger bodycon dress which had an off-the-shoulder style, defining her waist with a Cambridge Weight Plan branded pink ribbon.

Her personal weight loss consultant, Bev Crawford, said: 'Jen is thrilled to finally be at a healthy weight. While Galifianakis didn't reveal specific diet or workout details of his weight loss regimen, he said giving up beer and other alcohol had a dramatic impact on his waistline. After worrying that her weight was affecting her health in November, Jennifer asked her husband, Robbie Tickle, to take some unflattering underwear photos of her 12st 3lb body to spur her on.

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