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Imagine spending four days with 26 girls on motorcycles and shooting guns; well, this is exactly what I did this past weekend. Next up was some dinner, beer, and socializing before we all headed to bed to rest of for our first long day.
The last time I shot a gun I was around 9 years old at a summer camp; it was a heavy rifle and I needed help just to hold the thing up. At the end of the day I stopped to realize how much of a boot camp this really is, how useful the instruction was for me (and everyone) and ultimately, how bonded us gals felt at this point.
Pros: Regardless of experience, you leave with more confidence, skill, and love for riding. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a top-rated Outdoor Therapeutic Adventure Program, chosen by parents as an alternative to Boot Camps For Troubled Teens in Texas. There are no findings from research that "favor" boot camps, in light of any of the initial intentions for rehabilitation. Juvenile boot camps (also called "shock" or "intensive" incarceration programs), are typically correctional facilities of the state.
In the past, some private boot camps and military academies have offered scholarship and grant programs for families unable to afford the tuition.
Bringing to pass peace and the restoration of emotional health to students from Texas and from all over the country is our goal. For testimonials from current and past Wingate families and clients, reach out to our administrator at (800) 560-1599. NATSAP For Parents (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) - Here you can find "articles" for which have been consolidated as a resource for parents.
National Alliance on Mental Illness - NAMI, our nation’s largest and most comprehensive grassroots mental health community, is devoted to building healthier lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

I flew into Houston International Airport on Thursday afternoon and arrived at the Camp around 5pm to sign in. We are confident that when you choose our program, as an alternative to boot camps, the positive impact on your teen's poor behavior will give your family the results you desire. Recidivism rates of boot camp participants (referring to a person's chance of relapse back into criminal behavior) are roughly the same when compared to former prison inmates.
Our desire is to witness the realization of your struggling boy or girl make the transition into a triumphant adulthood and living independently.
Usually, for a teen to be placed in a boot camp, he or she must be sentenced to a camp by a judge. Because we have respect and positive regard for every student, our therapists strive to gain insights into each individual.
However, there are state-funded boot camps that can be utilized only if your teen has been or is in the state juvenile system. But these "grant" programs are typically "loans" to be paid back in the form of monthly payments. WinGate's plan is to see your boy or girl make the transition into adulthood while living independently as a mentally healthy person. Also, before making a final placement for your child, you may gain insight with "questions to ask." NATSAP incorporates a mixture of programs and schools offering therapy to families and people across the nation. We got the low down on what to expect over the next four days and went through all the formalities.
They gave us some basic riding tips and let us go at it for a while to get an idea of how each of us rode. Next thing we know, we’re hopping in the back of Colin’s truck and being toted off to the gun range for some pistol shooting!

Thanks to the team of TTBC, Colin Edwards, and all the girls for making it such a memorable experience.
The serene and distraction-free setting of our wilderness area can help even the most "treatment-resistant" adolescents from Texas find their way. Before entrusting your child or teen to a boot camp program, we urge you to consider that most operate without accreditation or licensure, and there is typically little oversight or accountability. Although state-funded boot camps may be the only option financially available for some people, this option causes drawbacks worth considering. Although not a referral, advocate or placement agency, NATSAP is a volunteer membership association supporting both programs and professionals for the purpose of helping troubled young people. We even had a girl who hadn’t been on a motorcycle before, so I was really curious to see how they would handle this.
Fortunately, I learn from my mistakes and did a fairly good job of hitting the target next time around. The tracks are constantly changing in traction, forcing you to learn something new at every corner and preventing you from ever getting bored.
Riding road all these years develops habits that you can’t carry over into dirt riding, something that was a challenge for almost all of us.

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