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Budget Pedometers - These range from $1 - $8 They simply do the minimum and pretty much only thing needed for this program. Lastly if you have a smart phone there are a bunch of free apps which take advantage of your phones motion detection which allow you to keep track of your walking with a device you are already carrying with you.
Just for demonstration lets say that you took your steps and it came out to around 3000 steps for your day. Once you have your your miles you can compare them to the chart for your weight to get an idea of how many calories you burned. If you eat at your maintenance number of calories and burn 500 calories per day in walking you will lose one pound of fat per week. Your goal is to burn 250 - 500 calories per day so depending on your weight it may take you more or less miles to get there. To make this a little more fun we have made a little ranking system for your to keep track of your pedometer point level.

For many who are just starting out with weight loss it can be confusing, intimidating, and hard because of injury or lack of physical ability. For a long time walking has been an underrated and important part of weight loss for many people.
Data shows that you actually burn almost as many calories walking a mile as you do running one. This number of steps will not count toward your total number of steps because they are not beyond what you need to do for your normal day. Often the weight you are trying to lose itself makes it hard to exercise for a long time and leads to pain and injury.
Our walking weight loss program is especially helpful for those who are trying to lose a large amount of weight.
To give you an idea of how many calories you can burn with just a mile and also for multiple miles of walking per day we have created a chart which shows how many calories you would burn per mile by weight.

The plan is also helpful for those who might have less to lose squeeze even more results out of their limited amount of time. Those with a higher weight will burn more calories mile than those with less weight because of the fact that it takes more energy to move their particular amount of mass.
But don’t reduce by more or you could end up putting your body into starvation mode and stop losing weight or even gain weight. So we at tumblr gym have developed a program that helps you avoid this issue and jump starts you into losing weight without any intense work.
Any of these options will work for this plan which one you choose will be up to what you prefer.

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