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First find the acupressure point to unblock energy located in the web between your thumb and index finger on your right hand, named Valley of Harmony (LI-4). Regular physical activity is essential for smooth flow of energy in the body and for preventing blockages and promoting healthy circulation.[6] I also recommend energy exercises like the qi gong warm-up exercise for cold hands and feet I outline below. Make your right hand into a loose fist and begin tapping your lower abdomen with mild to moderate strength in a rhythmic fashion.

Traditional Chinese herbs for cold hands and feet: I recommend our formulation Dragon Male, which supports healthy circulation and warms the yang energy of the body.
Some people who suffer from low thyroid function experience cold hands and feet, as the thyroid controls and maintains body temperature.
Since cold hands and feet are common to many imbalances, this symptom often abates when patients are well.

Causes include exposure to extreme cold, poor circulation due to heart disease, frostbite, stress, side effects of medications, and prolonged work with vibrating equipment such as jackhammers.

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