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We’ll send you an artwork approval form showing your branding on a label and support materials. HOW YOU CAN SAVE YOURSELF A FORTUNEChoosing Poundland's Vitawell effervescent vitamin C tablets over big-brand versions, for example, will cost ?18.25 for a year - saving you as much as ?48. The NHS line on supplements is found on its website: "Most people can get all the vitamins and minerals they need by eating a balanced, varied diet". Indeed, each week I receive emails promoting the efficacy of vitamin and mineral supplements.

After years of exposure to advertising, we instinctively trust the brands we recognise - Seven Seas, Centrum or Vitabiotics, the maker of  Wellwoman and Pregnacare supplements.Nothing wrong with any of them, of course.
For one thing, says Bridget Benelam, a senior scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation, however fancy the packaging and the advertising, a vitamin is still just a vitamin, and a mineral a mineral.Take vitamin C, she says. Vitamin D (which is much in the news) works best if taken with a meal in the early afternoon – because this avoids its "negative influences on sleep" and the same applies to Co-enzyme Q10.
Vitamin K should be taken with vitamins D and C plus Calcium and these should be taken with dietary fats – ie milk with cereal, nuts, yoghurt and avocado.

Vitamin C only lasts a few hours in the body and, therefore, the doses need to be split throughout the day.
There are exceptions, such as  vitamin E, and when manufacturers use the natural version of this, extracted from vegetable oils, they are quick to label it 'natural'.

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