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Not only is it important to know what the vitamins and minerals do for you, but also what natural sources you can get them from. We thought it might also be helpful to know signs you could be deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral and what can damage or destroy them.
As you read through the tables we have prepared for you below, keep in mind that the recommended daily amounts (RDAs) noted are referred from the EU guidance that is used for nutrition tables on food products.
Also, please note that there are many vitamins and minerals out there to help and enhance daily living – not all of which we cover in this article.
Now, as you look over this list of vitamins and minerals, please keep in mind that we STRONGLY recommend getting as much of them as possible from natural, organic sources.
If, however, you have allergies to certain foods or just can’t get enough of the right foods in your daily diet to get the levels of vitamins and minerals that you need – do not despair! One company we know of, VE Irons Company, has proudly been making natural-source supplements for over 60 years and can boast of a completely non-synthetic product line. Written by Elena WilkinsToday I want to conclude the topic of how we can properly and safely transition into a plant-based diet, avoiding major pitfalls and myths, which, if we are not careful, might set us up for a world of disappointment and failures. According to the latest vegan-lifestyle bashing articles, being vegan is hard, because one has to make sure to get certain vitamins not to be deficient, and one has to make sure to mix certain foods to get proteins, etc. While mainstream SAD (standard American diet) is void of many minerals and nutrients our bodies need to operate, while it is rich in empty calories, a whole foods, plant-based diet is rich in both, and then some, and low in calories, while also rich in fiber. In real life, plant foods (fruits, veggies, greens, grains, etc.) are MUCH better and superior to any bottled vitamin you will find on the market, save one, but more about that in a few. Colorful fruits and vegetables contain hundreds of phytochemicals in addition to the essential vitamins and minerals they also provide. In contrast, dietary supplements in the form of pills or capsules usually only contain large doses of one or two vitamins, minerals or phytochemicals. You can benefit from all of the phytochemicals and nutrients found in plant foods by eating 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and including more whole grains and nuts in your diet. Some might argue that we still should supplement since our ground has become so depleted of minerals. Vitamin B12 (or B12), also called cobalamin, is a water soluble vitamin with a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood. Vitamin B12 helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and is also needed to make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. It is thought to believe that B12 is produced in the gut of animals, making it the only vitamin you cannot get from plants of sunlight. Had I learned this truth earlier in my life, even before my vegan days, I would have saved myself years of heartache and money wasted on seeing doctors and specialists who were of no help.
Vitamin B12 deficiency, if not caught in time, can potentially cause severe and irreversible damage, especially to the brain and nervous system.
Symptoms (this it does not mean that if you have one of these symptoms that you are necessarily B12 deficient, however, it is worth checking into, especially if you have more than one of the symptoms you are experiencing which fall into this list. What kind of supplementation to take to ensure a successful healing (there are several different forms of B12, and you want to make sure not to get the wrong, less effective, cyanocobalamin, which is commonly sold and is even added to certain foods and prenatal vitamins).
Don’t go crazy over supplementation–remember, all you need from outside of food sources is B12! By Elena, I have a history of hypothalamic amenorrhea and ate a lot of whole fat dairy, nut butters (and crap) to get my period back.
Dr Esselstyn warns of using nuts and avocado only in moderation and not at all if trying to reverse heart disease and using flax seed for omega 3 daily.
Also, listing spinach as a source of iron neglects the presence of oxalic acid that blocks absorption. I am going to email you, so you can give me a complete list of foods you cannot tolerate, so I can make a suggestions based on that.
As a coach, I regularly work with people with certain food sensitivities, anything from a one plant, like a pineapple, to more, like gluten, soy, etc., and have successfully worked with them.
You certainly want a variety of foods, and you do want at least 50%+ to be raw–you need enzymes, or your body will get worn down quickly. I have heard that humans cannot digest seeds and that is why we have to eat animals because they can and we can absorb the nutrition from them.

Acupuncture did NOTHING for me, except it aggravated me–I did not like it, and I do not think it really helps, but I tried it.
Linda, since fish is still an animal (animated, living) and still is flesh food and produces cholesterol, and increases ours if consumed—vegans do not eat it. Anastasia, I find that outside of B12, and for some vit D, there is no need to supplement with anything. The symptoms you are listing might be linked to other deficiencies, namely B12, and that is one supplement you should be taking. As with my friends… I have some new ones, but a lot of old ones simply learned to respect our choices and are GREAT at accommodating But I always offer to bring my own meal when we are invited.
Many of our necessary nutrients come from the world around us and vitamins and minerals are no exclusion. While this list may seem long, it is not exhaustive and there are many more vitamins and minerals along with their sources and recommended amounts listed here for more information. Antioxidants are super powerful nutrients in our foods that help keep our bodies in tip top shape. Check out these links for more information on protein sources, vegetarian protein sources, and your daily needs for protein. However, the fat in a cheese burger is not the same as the fat in the avocado and they have different effects on our bodies. It is also key to know the standard recommended daily amount (RDA) you should strive to get in a day as well as if you can have too much of a particular vitamin or mineral.
After all, they are not invincible, though minerals are much more resilient than vitamins… In addition, we will also list each vitamin with its synthetic name so you can look for it in the ingredient list of your grocery items. Nutritional requirements often vary slightly for young children, teens, and pregnant or breastfeeding women.
They have just about every vitamin and mineral you could possibly need in some form or other. When you eat fruits and vegetables, these phytochemicals are also absorbed into the body and work together to maintain and even improve our health by helping to prevent disease.
It is normally involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production. Instead of wasting your money on powders, shakes and bottled vitamins, save it, and buy organic! I am a runner, so despite eating a lot by most standards, it was a lot of veggies and fruit that just didn’t add up to enough, even w sweets and Nuts thrown in. I have followed your blog for about a year and am now ready, after plenty of research, to take the next step. I have been vegan for a year and a few months now, but I feel like I only ever eat optimally for a week at a time at my healthiest. I know it is one of my worst culprits, but I found that slowly reducing the amount I used in cooking helped me to cut down more than by 50% already and I am still making progress.
I will be transitioning into veganism in the coming weeks, and I love the wealth of no-nonsense information your site provides. My concern is that while I try to add as many raw veggies as possible, some of them like cabbage, broccoli and others (the so-called goitrogenic foods) can actually disturb thyroid. If you eat a whole foods, plant, and as much as possible, organic diet, the sea weeds will be enough to take care of your iodine needs, and your body should recover and feel normal.
Minerals can be found in the earth and all of the vitamins that we require come from the plants and animals that walk about. It is what is used to make your hair, skin, nails, and all of your insides that you can’t see. Not only are they a vital source of energy, but they also help develop structures in the body and assist in the absorption of certain vitamins. These can be found in whole grain products, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and legumes. While they help to provide a quick boost of energy, they also can cause spikes in blood pressure and leave you feeling hungry. When reading ingredient lists on products, pay special attention to the letters following the numbers of the amount said to be in what you’re buying.

If a product claims to have a vitamin, but lists the synthetic name in its ingredient list, you can bet that whatever vitamin they claim to have in there is neither natural nor organic. If you have questions regarding what you are currently intaking for vitamins and minerals or perhaps what you should be striving for, please ask your doctor, pharmacist, or naturopath for assistance as none of us are doctors or nutritionists. Sign in and leave any comments you have regarding vitamins, minerals, or supplements below!
Even multivitamins are isolated from all the natural compounds found in raw fruits and vegetables. The exclusive source of this B12 vitamin appears to be tiny microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts, molds, and algae, and even some of these sources are not usable by humans–they are known as analogs. So this weekend, they have agreed to let me cook them a 2 course meal, and I hope I am able to get through to them. I was told that fat=estrogen, so that I was told to load up on full fat dairy, even more PB (has been a staple forms for years), and to eat junk food. You can gain weight by simply including more cooked grains, legumes, and root vegetables into your diet.
I am embarking on the journey of transitioning to a plant based life-style (very early stages) and I want to raise my 10-month old daughter that way as well. Better yet, you can get the DIY option of the boot camp program, or even enroll in the full program, and let me take you through everything step by step.
As a researcher and overanalyzer by nature, I want to be equipped with as much information as possible. I am trying to use Himalaya salt instead of sea salt now, but I’ve been thinking of adding some iodized salt and supplement with iodine as well. Using these nutrients from around our world, we keep our body’s functioning properly and in good order. Byproducts of our metabolic processes, free radicals wreak havoc on the body’s delicate functions and can decimate our immune system as well as cause other damage that can lead to premature disease. But don’t fear, there are ways that you can combine everyday foods to make sure you get all 9 amino acids (what we call a complete protein).
But, carbs aren’t just something we can eliminate without consequences like low energy and certain nutrient deficiencies. The list should contain fruits, vegetables, and ingredients you recognize and can pronounce! After 1 month had my prolactin level test again and it turns out below normal range, my OB told me it’s alright. Even my boyfriend, who’s been complaining of being fatigued and tired most of the time, started seeing some changes after 10 days on a vegan diet supplemented with B12 and D. Some people take multi-vitamins to help ensure that they receive these nutrients, but what is fascinating is that they can also be found in many of the foods we already eat. As a main source of energy for our bodies and responsible for important functions in our muscles and organs, carbohydrates are a vital part of our diet. So, things like garlic and onion, which add a lot of flavour to vegan dishes are out for me currently. It’s hard enough to cook for the two of us right now because he is a very meat and potatoes (or really pasta) kind of guy.
So, again, thank you for the wealth of information and thank you for making this transition easier for me. Hoping and waiting to conceive every month, every time I had my period I felt so frustrated until last month I decided to have Prolactin test again and I turns out to be higher than the result of my first labtest. He is not quite convinced about this lifestyle yet, but I believe in leading by example I was also wondering if you have a post on dealing with your friends and family when becoming vegan.

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