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Vitamin D and iron are two of the nutrients that up to ten percent of the US population is deficient in but overall, the majority of Americans are getting enough of the key nutrients needed for good health, according to a new government report released last week. Vitamin B6, iron, and vitamin D are the nutrients with the highest rate of deficiency overall. A nutrition-based dietary history complements a nutrition-focused physical examination by assisting in revealing the likelihood of malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies.

But deficiencies varied by age, race, and ethnicity with certain groups up to one-third deficient of a key nutrient. This is the second report measuring indicators, and shows that nutrient levels have remained steady from 1999 to the latest round of testing in 2006.
Changing awareness and management of calcium and vitamin D deficiencies: the role of the pharmacist in bone health and osteoporosis.

Scurvy, a lack of vitamin C produces bleeding gums, loose teeth, multiple bruises, rough skin and loss of appetite.

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