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An excellent source of all-natural protein, fortified with vitamins and minerals necessary to supplement the diet of horses on pasture.
All natural protein, recommended to supplement protein on farms where mixed species graze together.
We started using Ragland’s® High Performance Horse Block in 1994 after lots of trial and error. An excellent source of biologically available phosphorus, this 4% Phosphorus All Purpose Mineral contains 4-plex, a mineral package that encourages maximum absorption of trace minerals.
4% Tasty-Lick Mineral Block4% Phosphorus; an economical mineal with biologically available phosphorusand other valuable minerals.
Superior mineral supplement fortified with extra vitamins and high levels of trace minerals.

Place near water supply or loafing areas to provide livestock with salt, vitamins and trace minerals. Ragland’s® Fly Block with Rabon is highly palatable and approved for beef cattle, lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle as well as horses.
Formulated to help all young animals reach maximum genetic potential with quick and proper growth.
20% all-natural protein plus recommended levels of vitamins and minerals; can be fed to a variety of stock foraging on the same pasture. Contains 200,000 units of Vitamin A, 50,000 units of Vitamin D3 and 25 units of Vitamin E per lb. The trace mineral package, including the 4-plex organic trace minerals, is ideal for beef cattle, lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle and horses on pasture.

I have been using them the last couple of years for my horses, and they all love the minerals and have really nice shiny coats.
When introducing new product to horses, monitor consumption for several days to avoid over consumption.
I also believe that (Ragland®) has the right mix of vitamin to give them just about what they need to produce healthy, strong babies. Also recommended for mature animals during periods of stress, milk production, breeding or weaning.

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