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AKA Vitamin B7, Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that is heavily involved in energy metabolism. If you're looking for a vitamin known for improving hair and nail growth, Biotin is definitely the best choice.
I've found numerous references in on-line articles stating that Omega-3s are good for your hair, skin and nails, though nothing more specific regarding the nails. Just keep in mind that in order to actually get the Omega-3s if you are eating fish, you'll need to spring for the wild caught not the farm raised fish. For men, accumulation of DHT in the follicle pore is the leading cause of balding and thinning.

Products for thinning hair and hair loss provide vitamins for adequate and balanced nutrition for follicle reproduction, soothing scalp relief and healing for optimal scal condition and effective DHT blocking and stimulation of circulation and nutrient delivery. Given the wide causes of thinning and shedding for both men and women, using an approach that combines several products is recommended.
While shampoos provide topical nutrients to the scalp and hair (blocking DHT and invigorating scalp circulation) as well as improving the hair follicle itself, increasing nutrients to the papilla and cuticle through supplements is often needed.
Shampoo For thinning Hair adds nutrition and hydration lost to excessive styling, dirt, sebum or from sun or heat damage. If you have thinning hair associated with pink scalp, this shampoo is exceptionally effective at addressing inflammation from allergic reactions to coloring, perming and relaxing.

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary to slow thinning, provide shine and body, and add volume and thickness.

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