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Low-carb vegan recipes – these recipes contain mainly slow-burning carbohydrates, with low glycemic impact. It turned out so well, and I can honestly say that it was a great replacement for my traditional recipe.
NaturallyFee says:Posted August 19, 2011 at 3:28 AMI made this recipe last night and it was excellent!
I've already given the recipe for frozen tofu cutlets over on Just Bento - it's really nice in bentos at room temperature, but just as good when eaten hot. Just like the summer where I lived in Taiwan and didn't eat American candy bars and came home with NO desire to ever eat one again (except Reese's--I have no idea either!), the less I eat of plain white carbs, the less I feel that urge to fill up on them. How fun to be reading along thinking these recipes look like they might work for my phase one round-up and see that you've mentioned me. I find that it's more important to have a consistent moderate level of glucose in the blood without spikes (simple carbs) or drops (only protein). In any case, I'm a home cook, and an recipe-experimenter, and as has always been the case, that's what I'll be focusing on first and formost here on Just Hungry as well as Just Bento. I think that one of the reasons the "Low Carb" diet seems to go hand in hand with "Low Sugar" diets is because of how carbohydrates turn into forms of glucose as they break down inside you (my small research on this comes from both diabetes and cancer on both sides of my family, which shows an unusually high percentage in people who not only have a genetic predisposition towards cancer, but who also have high glucose levels). One things my father told me that resonated with me is that fiber grams can cancel out carb grams in the way it affects your blood sugar. Thanks to you my rice-cooking-skills have improved a lot and your steamed eggplant recipe has become a staple in our house.

Hi, as a long time Diabetic who loves cooking and eating Japanese I will be following your recipes with enthusiasm. If you need inspiration beyond Kalyn's wonderful recipes I would recommend the blog "For the love of cooking".
Basically it's low carb and high protein (meaning for a person of my height and activity level about 75 - 80 grams of protein per day, divided onto all meals, though calculating this is a bit tricky), and it works pretty amazingly.
You see, although cauliflower is white, and technically still a carb, it packs way more nutrition than white rice. I found this recipe from Dinner at Christina’s and I was intrigued, so I decided to try it out.
This recipe was really tasty, and appealed to my taste buds more than any cauliflower recipe I’ve tried, so I pronounce this experiment a SUCCESS. I have to admit, I've been such a carb junkie all my life that I'm really surprised about this. It's pretty stressful trying to figure everything out, but it's good for you that you're already an accomplished cook and aren't having to teach yourself at the same time (like I am!) My secret weapons are Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (I usually at a low-meat diet), the iPhone apps for Epicurious and Whole Foods, and your two websites. I hope your zombie bite heals as fast as possible and you get off the pre-diabetic track, and I'm going to make this recipe soon--it totally fits into my plans too, and I have everything but the green beans! I see the first commenter has already steered you to investigate the glycemic index (which is what the South Beach Diet is based on, it's not really a low carb diet.) I'm sold on it, and you can still eat plenty of what South Beach considers to be "good carbs" such as beans, whole grains, and brown rice. I replaced the parmesan with nutritional yeast to make it vegan, and also added some wine, margarine, oyster mushrooms and truffle oil to mimic my traditional recipe.

We enjoyed our mashed cauliflower recipe with an old favorite- southern fried tofu, and a new take on slow cooked southern greens from my Cookin’ Southern Vegetarian Style cookbook. I find that this recipe makes enough mix for2 recipes at least, so you may wish to put only half of the mix in ashallow bowl for this step, so you can use the rest later. I added cauliflower the last time I made my favorite roasted broccoli recipe and it was pretty good! One school says that they can eat a normal diet, including carbohydrates, as long as they watch their intake of sugar and sugary foods, including fruit.
For the cutlets here I followed the basic recipe, but omitted the dusting of cornstarch and drizzled a bit of soy sauce into the pan while it was cooking. But vegetables also can be a powerful ingredient in low-carb recipes- and while I love potatoes, I also love the idea of finding substitutes for them that can provide me with more nutritional bang for my buck, so to speak. But when I first saw a recipe for cauliflower-based-mashed-potatoes my interest was really and truly piqued. I'm also going to go through the recipes already posted here and mark the low-carb ones, when I have the time, as well as browsing some great low-carb focused sites like Kalyn's Kitchen. It also occurs to me that this would be a great recipe for any readers with a potato allergy or potato intolerance.

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