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With the recent opening of Reliance Fresh in Vizag, I have been able to find some vegetables like purple cabbage, brocolli, zuchini, parsley, red and yellow peppers and fruits like grapefruit, green apples and Australian grapes, to name a few. I tried orange juice and lemon juice with pepper for the dressing but the whole salad tasted bitter ! It is very common to see extra ingredients added to Nigerian salad, such as corned beef,onions, canned red beans, boiled macaroni, green bell pepper and a lot more.

I picked up some red cabbage, red, yellow and green peppers and pineapple at RF to prepare salad.
I enjoy cooking for my family using fresh produce from my vegetable garden and farmer's market.
It is prepared with more than five vegetables, combined together and enriched with the classic Baked Beans and Cream.

So make sure you have these two ingredients at hand, if you really want to get the original Nigerian Salad.

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