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But there is a whole world of quick, easy vegetable side dishes that don't involve lettuce. With recipes like sesame roasted snap peas, baked chili-spiked sweet potato chips and grilled cabbage with spicy lime dressing, you now have no excuse.
Here is a recipe and a stir-fry technique that any of us can take into our kitchens and adapt to just about any vegetable we find in the fridge. Grace talking about how important it is to cut vegetables in the same size, and to make sure that they are very dry before stir-frying.
This wonderful Malay mixed vegetables dish creates flavour and excitement with simple cooking and just a few authentic ingredients.

A quick stir-fry is one of the fastest, easiest, tastiest ways to make a last-minute vegetable side dish to suit any meal.
Cut Up the Ingredients: It is very important that all the ingredients are cut as directed in the ingredient list. Add the Vegetables: Push the garlic up the sides of the wok and add the lettuce (or bok choy, or whatever else you're using).
Stir-Fry the Vegetables for 1 Minute: Stir-fry for 1 minute or until the lettuce or vegetables begin to wilt. Grace Young proved this to be true when she demonstrated a basic stir-fry recipe for us: Romaine lettuce leaves, warm and slightly wilted, tumbled in a sauce of garlic and chilies.

Giving the vegetables a whirl in a salad spinner is the easiest solution, but you can also pat them thoroughly with kitchen towels. The appeal of Chinese cuisine has always been its emphasis on fresh vegetables and protein rich ingredients, making it the perfect style from which to select a tasty vegetarian recipe. Super Search Recipes by Type Asian Culture Asian Cuisine Asian Soup Recipes Asian Curry Recipes Stories Traditional Costumes Asian Herbs Asan Pork Recipes Festivals Dining Etiquette Meats Asian Desserts Languages Religion Asian Seafood Recipes Asian Chicken Recipes Traditional Music Asian Vegetarian Dishes Asian Salad Recipes Ethnic Minorities Traditional Medicine Dish Ingredients Asian Sauce Recipes History Superstitions Share Your Asian RecipesIf you've got a favourite Asian recipe you'd like to share, you are welcome to submit it to us for inclusion in the correct category.Send Us Your Recipe PhotosSome of our recipes lack photos.

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