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HCG diet is getting popular among obese people as it has helped them a lot in reducing extra pounds quickly.
One needs to follow the Simeons protocol properly and in a much better way than the first round if they are looking to achieve the goal weight during this round of HCG diet. Vegetables during HCG diet are classified into two different categories such as starchy and non starchy vegetables. Vegetables mentioned above (in the approved list) are free of starch and contain 25 calories per cup. HCG oral drops, along with low calorie diet, helps in reducing weight quickly provided Simeons HCG protocol is followed strictly.
October 30, 2012 by Carey I recently posted an infographic about vegetable proteins on Facebook and it confused some people, even outraged some. It is commonly thought that vegetables are low in protein, therefore vegetarian diets are lacking in nutrition.
By eating a variety of plant foods with 'incomplete proteins' throughout the day, we can easily get enough 'complete protein.' For lacto and ovo-lacto vegetarians, any food can be complemented by the high quality proteins in dairy products or eggs, but it isn't at all necessary to include animal foods to get enough protein in your diet.

This chart is very limited, in reality the possibilities could fill several pages, and you don't need to rely on precise combinations of food for complete protein. The myth that vegetable source proteins need to be complemented is similar to the myths that persist about sugar making one's blood glucose go up faster than starch does.
They have followed Simeon’s protocol strictly by maintaining 500 calorie diet during maintenance phase along with prescribed dosage of oral drops which is said to be the safest and easiest form of weight loss diet to shrink extra pounds quickly.
There are different forms of HCG diet such as oral drops, injections, gel, sprays and pills. Vegetables having higher starch content have more carbohydrate and calories as compared to other types of vegetables.
It is strictly recommended by Dr Simeons not to mix them as only one vegetable is allowed per meal. I did determine a few to be a little higher and a few to be a little lower, but I am confident in using the charts as a general guideline to knowing the protein ratios in vegetables. People opt for second round of HCG diet after taking a break of 4-6 weeks incase they do not achieve the goal weight during the first round of diet period.

These starchy vegetables cannot be added during HCG diet regime as sweeteners are strictly prohibited during the diet period as per Simeon’s protocol.
Dieter can also enjoy little portion of lean meat along with spinach which in total contains l75 calories. Our aim is to help you support and guide you for a Life Style Change achieve a lifestyle extension.
Non starchy vegetables can be used during HCG diet plan but one need to restrict the calorie intake and maintain it to very low calorie diet and avoid consumption of too many calories. To truly achieve a lifestyle change and avoid constipation, colon cleanses, colon Detox, we recommend LifeBotanica Detox Complete.

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