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Avocados are brimming with healthy fats that will make you feel satiated and whip up a smoothie texture that is unbelievably creamy. All it takes to infuse your body with healing, anti-aging antioxidants are the berries of your choice and some pomegranate juice. A surprisingly delicious blend of savory and sweet, this avocado smoothie achieves a pale green color and ultra-smooth texture thanks to a whole ripe avocado, lime juice, basil and just a little bit of sugar.
Blending avocado with freshly-squeezed orange juice, bananas, yogurt, ginger and lime, it’s full of complex flavors inspired by a similar drink the recipe author experienced in Morocco.
This smoothie would be perfect for a low-calorie snack, as it doesn’t contain any added sugar or dairy.

This might be the recipe for you, as it will help you get in nearly a full day’s worth of fruits and veggies in one sitting.
Try substituting a healthier milk, like skim milk or soymilk, and using agave nectar or stevia in place of the sugar.
It’s packed with fresh strawberries and ice, with freshly-squeezed lemon juice to give it a bit of tartness and stevia as a sweetener. Smoothies are a great way to pack lots of nutrition into your day, since they take very little time to prepare. The Superfood Smoothie contains spinach, kale, orange juice, baby carrots, banana, yogurt and berries.

Plus, they’re just plain delicious, feeling more like a treat than a healthy meal or snack.
These 15 recipes range from creamy chocolate smoothies that will satisfy a sweet tooth to green smoothies with a whopping serving of vegetables balanced by fruit and natural sweeteners.

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