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Military boot camp is directed by a drill instructor, who provides instruction and motivation.
Boot camp workouts promote a high level of physical fitness development through intensity, discipline and strict instruction. In The Army NowA boot-camp style workout that follows aspects of Army Basic Training focuses around calisthenics, cardiovascular endurance and body-weight strength training. Do It QuickOne of the reasons that boot camp workouts are so effective -- both civilian and military -- is that you have an instructor pushing you to maintain a high level of intensity throughout.
It means a change in a no-visitors policy during boot camp, to allow federal immigration officers access to the recruits. Rusnac, who holds a college degree in English and German, was finishing boot camp at Fort Jackson, the Army's largest training installation. Men and women from other nations are critical to America's defense, military and government officials say, because of the special language, education or job skills they have.
The change in policy that had barred most visitors during boot camp now allows the immigration department to dispatch officers to the military posts to help applicants complete the often-complicated process.

Lawrence Korb, who headed the Defense Department's personnel and logistics branch during the Reagan administration, said the military turns over tens of thousands of people annually, putting it on a constant search for talented members.
The military will allow you to join with a friend and go through boot camp from start to finish together. Military personnel and their families have many base privileges, these include the use of the Commissary, Exchange, and MWR. The Military has educational programs to pay for college while you are serving on active duty and after you separate from service.
Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) are funds in addition to your basic pay that many military members receive when they are married or have dependents.
To get a thorough, effective boot camp workout, look to where they were first instituted -- the military. An Army-style boot camp workout will feature plenty of repetitions of pullups, pushups and situps. But military officials say it's a well-deserved break for volunteers who otherwise would have to slog through the bureaucratic ordeal during deployments around the world, often far from U.S.

In this Video, Air Force training instructors explain what Boot Camp consists of week by week.
During boot camp, Army recruits have PT multiple times per day, every day for 10 weeks, with minimal rest. Army sends thousands of recruits through grueling, weeks-long boot camps to develop strong, disciplined soldiers.
Bush signed an executive order allowing a more compressed time frame because the nation was in a "period of hostilities." Before the change, military members had to serve one year of honorable service to even begin the sometimes-lengthy process of applying.

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