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Be diverse in your commitments: volunteer, work a job, be involved in your university (and your student dietetic association, or whatever your university calls it), conduct research with your professors, etc. I get a lot of questions about my return to school, dietetic internships (DI), and any advice for someone looking to become a Registered Dietitian. I started talking with my professors, talking with students ahead of me in the program, researching internship sites, and working harder and harder each and every day. So I got involved and did everything I could do without losing my mind, or at least only for a little while! This way you will know exactly what the internship site is looking for and you will still have time to do it.

I also know that a lot of you find me by searching for dietetic internship info, in particular the Mayo Clinic where I completed my DI. In my first few weeks of classes, I would hear other girls talk about dietetic internships and how they hoped they would get one, but for me it wasn’t anything like that. So today I want to give you what it is you are looking for: my top tips on successfully landing a dietetic internship.
I knew I was going to get an internship and not at all because I was more confident, better than, or smarter than the other students; I knew I was going to get an internship because I was naive.

I know I certainly would have loved to have had my hands on a lot of this information while going through the process! The internship process is scary and overwhelming, but rewarding beyond all measure.

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