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Visceral fat: This protects and supports the organs within the body and makes up the majority of your belly fat. Intramuscular fat: This is not common in the abdominal area, but can be found within the abdominal muscles. Two enzymes regulate the flux into and out of fat cells: LPL (lipoprotein release) and HSL (hormone sensitive lipase). It is important to understand that the steps of fat burning are directly impacted by these hormones in order to figure out how to lose the stubborn belly fat. Many people assume that the quickest way to burn belly fat is by doing insane amounts of crunches or sit ups.
A combination of cardio and weight training is the best thing for burning fat and, although it’s very difficult to spot reduce fat, weight training will make your metabolism speed up resulting in your body burning fat at a quicker pace all over.
Sleep deprivation is also well known to increase stress levels, resulting in increased cortisol levels, which affect your fat loss (as explained earlier).
This is a scientific fact - Everybody's muscle structure is the same but everybody's muscles are hidden behind varying amounts of fat.
Studies have shown that over 5 years, people who get adequate sleep lose fat faster than those who get less than 7 hours of sleep. If you did not put on all your belly fat in one week, do not expect to lose it in one week. This is the second most dangerous fat as it poses a much lower risk of chronic health problems than visceral fat.

When you first start a workout regime your body will struggle to complete the exercises, but, in time, your body begins to find them easier and once you are no longer struggling with a workout you are not going to be burning as much fat as your body will not be working as hard as it previously was. As you burn off your excess fat, you uncover something most consider holier than the shroud of Turin. In order to work towards the goal to lose belly fat, you need to follow three simple rules: control your clean carbohydrate intake, increase the intake of good fats and don't forget the protin (from the previous step). Weight training not only helps you stregnthen your muscles but it ensures that your body is bulding more lean muscle while burning fat.
While nobody is saying give up alcohol, the smart way to drink while staying on goal to lose your belly fat is to switch away from your favourite fruity cocktails. Count how many weeks it took you to put on all your belly fat and then be prepared for that many weeks to lose your belly fat. Yes crunches will strengthen your abs, but you will still be left with the layer of fat over them. This gets your heart racing and boosts your metabolism, which will help to burn your stubborn belly fat (as well as the rest of your body fat).
Sleep deprivation can cause you to pile on the pounds, and there has even been research that has found that the biggest spike in fat burning hormones occurs during deep sleep. The truth though is that it is possible for anyone to get to their ultimate fitness goal and the first step is to lose belly fat.
In other words, while crunches will strengthen your abdominal muscles, crunches won't help you lose belly fat.

So, in the evening, go to your kitchen and then decide if the food you have is going to help you to lose belly fat. Moreoever, lean muscle ensures that your body keeps burning fat even after your exercise session is over. Remember, whether your outside walking in the heat or sitting in an AC office, you skin dries up and your body loses water. Check out the video below (and subscribe to our email list) for the latest in fitness and weight loss. Sweating, an increased heart rate, faster breathing is when exercise is actually working to help you to lose belly fat.
That's right - lift heavy weight and you will be losing belly fat even when you finish your workout session. An essential step in your fight to lose belly fat is to ensure that you don't get sick or dehydrated. How To Lose Belly Fat for Women - Tips for Losing Belly FatFlat, toned abs are right up there with Ryan Gosling's digitsA—every chick with a pulse wants them.

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