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Holidays can be a series of disasters for people with diabetes, those trying to lose weight, or anyone wanting to choose a healthier way of eating. Holiday Nutrition Fun- Printables for the Christmas season are great for use at home or school with cute characters, positive healthy messages and nutrition- food themes.
Visit our 'Happy Healthy Holiday Kids' Nutrition Page' to choose from over 20 free printables and let the FUN begin!  Holiday bookmarks, healthy lunch notes, Food Pyramid Christmas Tree coloring page, food group ornament pages, food word puzzles, greeting cards and gift of time coupons for kids to give as gifts! Connect with us- ways you can stay in touch and be the first to know about our new games, articles, tips and printables! The importance of a healthy diet becomes even more apparent when your health changes radically with a disease like cancer. This website may not function properly.Click the icons below to upgrade to a newer version or another web browser. To help fight the risks of expanded waistlines and eating poorly, Michigan State University Extension offers 10 common-sense rules for healthier eating during the holidays – or any time! Early nutrition education is the key to helping children learn to make healthy choices and develop healthy food and physical activity habits.For the Holiday season we have special new features to make it easier for you to teach your kids it's fun to be healthy all year long!Nourish Interactive- The Fun Way to Learn About Nutrition, is pleased to present our new holiday cookbook for kids, our December dietitian article with tips on how to get started involving your child in kitchen activities and the benefits of cooking with kids.Plus, our NEW '25 days to a Healthy Christmas" tips activity page and over 20 fun healthy holiday theme printable activities! With the holiday season here, eating healthy typically seems more difficult since big meals and treats are abundant. Know which events and which scrumptious foods you don’t want to pass up and the ones where you want the company to be the main attraction.
Concentrate on eating from the protein and vegetable part of the menu first to help reduce your appetite.

Continue the conversation somewhere else, or help clear the table so you can enjoy coffee or tea after the meal.
After dinner is a great time to bundle up and take a walk around the neighborhood, play catch or build a snowman with the youngsters. Teachers have their own 'teaching nutrition wing' with lesson plans, games, learning tools and easy group sign up with individual progress reports and handouts for classrooms.
For someone going through cancer treatment, the traditional fare for holiday meals may no longer seem appealing as well. Forming a positive experience with fresh foods is so important because healthy foods are the foundation for good nutrition.Bringing the kids in the kitchen is a great way to slow down and create some special family togetherness time during the busy holiday season.
Despite the holiday season bringing indulgences, following a healthy diet doesn’t need to be confusing. Any unauthorized or illegal use, copying or dissemination will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We are a Parents' Choice Approved Award winning site and honored to be in The American Library Association's Greatest Websites for KidsYou can also sign up to receive our monthly newsletter 'Nourish Healthy Kids' healthy tips articles for parents written by Registered Dietitians, fun printable activity pages, and announcements of our new interactive nutrition games for use at home or school. The definition of good nutrition is balancing important ingredients like water, fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals to take in the essential nutrition needed to help your body function best. When you have a body and immune system compromised by disease, taking in a balanced diet is one of the best ways you can help your body stay strong and repair itself.
Join cities, organizations, schools, websites and blogs leading the way to create a healthier generation by sharing our free bilingual website with their communities.Thank you, we look forward to sharing more tips and news for a healthy holiday season with you! Share these healthy eating tips with a loved one going through treatment this holiday season to keep healthy eating a priority.Don’t Skip MealsWhen you know a big, indulgent meal, like a Thanksgiving dinner, is coming up, skipping meals so you’ll have “more room” seems like a great idea.

Read our December 'Nourish Healthy Kids Article' for easy tips for cooking with kids and the many benefits of 'kids in the kitchen' activities.We are  pleased to share our special gift- our NEW Holiday Cookbook for Kids with easy Christmas recipes.
However, skipping meals before a big one tends to lead to overeating and poor eating choices being made. The cookbook is an 8 page PDF with Christmas seasonal graphics and easy directions for kids to cook:Cheeseball Appetizers, Cauliflower Au Gratin, Terrific Turkey Noodle Nests. Think of eating 5-6 smaller meals daily, so you make better choices before becoming ravenous and eating whatever is in sight.Cheers to Your HealthYour drink choices are just as important as your food choices during meals.
You can always make your plain water colorful by adding lemon, limes or berries.Bring a Dish to PassIf you’re going to a holiday party, make a clean and healthy holiday recipe to share.
Many traditional holiday dishes can still be made, but choose cleaner ingredients and organic foods when you’re cooking. When you’re filling up your plate, make sure there is plenty of color on it in the form of vegetables, whole grains instead of refined grains, and lean meats, like organic chicken, turkey or fish. Make new traditions and cook what you want to or can eat while dealing with your treatment.Indulge SmartDesserts and sweets will be plentiful during the holidays.

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