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Step 3Fill up on healthy foods at the breakfast or lunch buffet, especially if you are staying at a resort. If you fear that your efforts to make healthy choices are not enough and you don’t want to come back from vacation pounds heavier, make time for exercise. With all these delicious food, it can be challenging to stay healthy when on a vacation, even more so as I love trying out the unique delicacies of the place I visit. Join me in nourishing our body with delicious good-for-you recipes because eating healthy does not have to be bleh.
This is beneficial to our mental wellness because we experience new scenery and can rejuvenate ourselves, but it also can take us away from our healthy habits, such as dining on nutritious meals and snacks. This will keep you from stopping at convenience stores or vending machines for packaged foods, or having only cookies or chips to select on the plane. This might take extra time, but you will have a better opportunity to ask your server how foods are prepared and add special requests for healthier meals, such as dressings on the side, grilled or broiled instead of fried, and substituting vegetables and salads for fried side dishes.

Enjoy the food the area is known for, such as grilled fishes from the sea or fruit desserts in a tropical destination. As an avid traveler and former expat, she enjoys sharing her experiences and tips with other enthusiastic explorers. Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Travel Tips editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story. I always avoid weighing myself after coming back from vacation because I know I would have put on weight! Then, if you are forced to eat some lesser healthy meals throughout the day, you will have at least eaten plenty of produce and fiber at one or two meals.
In addition, restaurants that pride themselves on local products often provide healthy options, such as meals focused on the use of local fruits and vegetables. For example, you can have a roll at any meal at home, but that gourmet tiramisu or top-shelf martini can be harder to come by.

Rice received a master's degree in nutritional sciences and a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, fitness and health. The key is to fill up on healthy foods when you can and make smart dining choices throughout your trip. Even if the food can’t be classified as healthy, eating less is better than enjoying the whole thing yourself. By planning ahead and knowing your options, you can take a break from your stressful routine but not from your healthy eating.

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