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If you have access to Nature (or are willing to buy the article for $32), I highly recommend reading it.
We produce and eat more sugar than any other country on earth, and do so more than at any other time in history. I find it interesting that most people consider vegetables, and fruits to a lesser extent, to be the ideal food that all humans should eat.
As for my own personal experience, becoming a vegan has cured many of my little health issues, such as irritable bowel, acne, frequent stomach aches, and headaches. Emily, just because you have read several books and have moderate success on a vegan diet does not mean everyone else has the same experience. You and Gary (as well as many other hard-working low-carb bloggers) are becoming LCHF rock stars! Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the information this blog gives me access to!
I’ve also recently seen more and more people claiming that vegetable oils lead to inflammation and metabolic problems, and that only with this trigger in place does carbohydrate consumption cause trouble. 2) Even though some (not all) prehistoric fruits may have had a modest concentration of fructose, it doesn’t tell us how much of said fruit people ate.
3) It’s not actually clear how many folks were consuming large amounts of fruit in ancestral times.
To your second question, the high omega-6 oils (big 4: corn, safflower, sunflower, canola) are pretty horrible, especially in the quantities we consume, coupled with the dearth of omega-3 we consume.
To your point #3 – it is also possible that some peoples ate large quantities of fructose rich fruit and lived short, sickly lives because of it, but that could be better than the alternative (starvation).
Excellent point, Edmund, and I was actually thinking of this after I replied (while swimming this morning).
I was a vegetarian for 10 years or so, and interestingly enough, I think my vegetable intake has gone up on my LCHF, ketogenic diet. Depending upon how long it takes to get the vegetables and fruit from the field or farm to your dinner table, the answer might vary significantly. It’s a no-brainer to guess that organic, pesticide-free and just-picked vegetables and fruit are the best – they are just as nature intended them and at their maximum peak and full of great nutrition. This is because it may well spend many days in transit after being harvested or may be stored before it can be delivered to the outlet. Frozen vegetables and fruit on the other hand are flash-frozen within hours of being picked (and picked at their peak), locking in the majority of the nutrients.

They are still often a better option in the winter months though than ‘fresh’ ones that have travelled across the country then sat in the grocery aisle for days before being tossed into your refrigerator for a few more. The answer may well be to mix and match fresh with frozen from those available and the ones you know you like the texture and taste of after freezing. Better still, arm yourself after experimenting, with an essential list of frozen, canned and bottled alternatives to fresh that come in as good second-best options for recipes and bariatric-friendly dishes. When he’s dropped into the reality of nature, no readily available plant substance can provide enough calories for a modern human.
I know many people, myself included who eat nothing but meat (and the fat that goes with it) and water and have done for many years. I have also had unexplainable eye pain in one eye for the past 7 years, which completely went away after going vegan, something I never would have expected to happen simply from changing my diet! They are extremely valuable when you are trying to reach an aging, diabetic father because the message is more direct and succinct.
So clearly written and backed up with undeniable stats that there is no question sugar is a huge culprit in our present health crisis! I am not a doctor but from my experience, if you are stuck it is due to your TSH and potentially one of the other related values (FT3, FT4). The simple reason is that before I would eschew the salads and choose low-fat, grain- based foods like rice, pasta, and bread as my staple.
The Chinese who were poorest didn’t get beri-beri but the next group that could afford white rice did.
I too live in a cold climate, and to add insult to injury, what the squirrels don’t get the rabbits sure do.
However, depending upon where you live and weather conditions locally, your ‘fresh’ produce at supermarket, farm shop or greengrocer may well be several days old. During this time its valuable nutrients may well be depleted, especially vitamins like Vitamin C and folate.
Of course the down side is that freezing, as a process, does alter the flavour and texture of fresh vegetables and fruits. Even though they are canned soon after harvesting, many lose up to 90% of their nutritional power in the canning and bottling process. Take advantage of seasonal, cheap and fresh produce whenever you can and stock up on their frozen counterparts for times when you can rely upon their value, time-saving qualities and availability (I’m thinking of items like berries and peas in the winter months). Until you sort out your dosage of hormone, eating more fat and weight training will help if only so that you do not gain more weight.

The problem we face now is that our current way of eating is no longer just a diet, it’s a culture.
However, the next group up who could afford a little Chinese Cabbage with their rice did not get sick.
And when you factor in some light and temperature fluctuations, those losses can certainly add up.
They will also often have higher salt or sodium levels (and sometimes sugar) because it is frequently added to them during the preservation process.
Judiciously have a few canned and bottled veggies and fruits in your larder too for when shopping is a chore, you’re housebound or the weather takes a turn for the worse.
Now, while we all agree over healthy eating – and that vegetables and fruits are a must-have in our diet, the point is to actually practice it.The next time you’re out shopping groceries, make sure you pick up a variety of fruits and vegetables. This is important because fruit juice can cause your blood sugar to spike and an abundance of sugar can make you gain weight. Do research and shop at your local farmers market; here you can buy things that are unusual to you but at a lower price. Peter has mentioned the dangers of too much protein (which I have found makes me gain weight when I eat too much AND my thyroid values are not correct). Anyway, now the salad is my go-to option for many meals (topped with lovely bits of meat and cheese, of course). There is however no doubting their convenience, and faced with the choice of vegetables and fruit or none, then they have a place in the diet.
As a vegetarian, I find it exciting to look at a colorful spread of salads, knowing I’ve got health and nutrition on a platter, waiting for me. Perhaps it will take a grass-roots movement like the one happening in Sweden (and led by people like you) for that sea change to take hold here in the U.S. For most people, following a healthy diet can quickly get boring and all too soon, they find themselves indulging in their craving like there was no tomorrow.
Pack a salad!If you are wondering abut vitamin supplements, remember that no supplement can fully replace a healthy balanced diet.
Veggies are always more fun to eat and tastier.Remember, if you have resolved to change your diet and switch to a healthy lifestyle, you must learn how to eat right and pick the fruits and vegetables that appeal to you.

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