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Dietitian can advice you correctly examining our NAFLD condition, body weight, BP and other vital matters.
They are the source of all necessary ingredients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. But recent studies revealed fat itself is not the “culprit”- it’s the starch that causes the fat molecules to reside more and more in our body. Statistics available on it depicts within next ten years NAFLD will become an epidemic in the Western World.

Like higher sugar level in the blood can damage kidney or eye, higher cholesterol level in blood may cause heart blockage and fatty liver. At the same time this reduction of weight is also necessary to minimize the risk of heart blockage or kidney disorders.
Excess fats in level may make it defunct- assimilation of foods in tissues is becoming irregular thus making the entire body system less functional. So consumption of more carbohydrates and starch is the primary reason of rapid increase of fats in our body.

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  4. vrednyu4aya — 15.09.2013 at 20:59:44 Serotonin and fat metabolites are carbs, so be sure to count.