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Thank you for this recipe Just wondering how many slices you would cut the cake into – my guess is 10 or 12. I’m making brownies very similar to this, just less of the ingredients and all butter without cream. No cream cheese used here, I use double cream which I guess is the same as your heavy cream or whipping cream.
When you decide to give up carbs, sugar and wheat, Ditch The Carbs shows you just how easy and nutritious it is. Or bake in a square dish then cut into tasting squares and top each piece off with a fresh berry. I don’t get on with liquid stevia as I find it too easy to under or overdose the sweetness. If the carbs are too high, you can cut them into squares as a taster or you can use a higher % cacao chocolate to reduce the sugar. If people want the very low carb count; talking pretty much none, there is a sugar free chocolate in milk white or dark with little to no carbs at all!

I asked on Facebook a few times and the outstanding majority (including Americans) want to keep it as metric of accuracy.
Isn’t it just amazing once we see how damaging sugar, carbs and processed foods are what a difference it makes. It’s so easy to make and so rich, with the texture being more like a rich chocolate truffle or torte. I love this Chocolate Heaven Cake, and I must say it is the first thing I want to make if I have chocolate in the house. You can use 85% or 90% cacao chocolate which will reduce the sugar, depending on your tastes.
I find them in grape tree or Holland and Barrett but they will be in american health shops two. We overweight and one began to remove sugars and wheat , consuming carbs as the ketogenic diet, I felt really great , bye stomach pain , heartburn .
If you iced it with a chocolate ganache however, I would only do this on the day and it would need refrigerating so the cream and chocolate don’t melt in summer.

In another bowl beat the eggs, cream and stevia together for 3-4 minutes (use a stick blender or hand whisk). Slowly add the egg mixture to the chocolate mixture in the saucepan, stirring all the time.
As you add more egg mixture, the chocolate and butter will thicken to the consistency of custard. Grease a loose bottom cake tin with butter then line the loose bottom with baking paper and push through the outer ring so the baking paper adds a seal and stops the cake mixture from leaking.

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