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I recently became diagnosed with hypothyroidism when my health declined I just kept packing on weight no matter what I did. Hey there, I was recently diagnosed hypothyroid and I too am in a holding pattern with my Levothyroxine. I have maintained a 120 pound loss up until last September when I started to gain weight at a fairly rapid pace. Above left is Eileen 10 months previous, being on too low a dose of Armour for too long followed by being on Synthroid for 36 years! Nona on the left was on levothyroxine for 2 years with no relief at all from hypothyroid symptoms.
Jennifer, above, has come a long way with easy weight gain since childhood, lots of poor diagnosis and treatment, and finally Lyme…but she is now using T3 in her treatment and is still work in progress! Above, SUZIE¬†was a beaut before diagnosis, but you can see the new sparkle in her eye after NDT (and the loss of a swollen thyroid gland)! Above, DAWN left is her BEFORE (Feb 2013-on Synthroid) and right is AFTER (June 2013- one Naturethroid) She’s amazed at the difference in her face.

Above is ERIN–left in September 2011 at her heaviest and unhealthiest weight while on Synthroid. NIKKI above: before NDT, middle at 2 months,then 4 months after starting NDT, 9 lbs lighter with far less weight in her face and feeling so much better! On the right is feeling like the living again with decreased mental fog, decreased anger, no bloating, no fatigue, & lost weight! The photo on the left was over a year ago on Synthroid, “looking puffy all over my face and especially my neck! She gained 60 pounds taking Synthroid only; switched to Nature-Throid and lost all the weight she gained. As a result, she had weight gain plus symptoms her pediatrician would blame on her being obese. The last pic is today (January 2015) weighing in at 94 kilos and now also on adrenal support. She found STTM, avoided Synthroid, got on NDT, then T3 for the surgery that removed her badly-noduled thyroid with unhappy Hurthle cells…and she has lost 45 lbs and doing well.

The pic on the right was taken six months after switching to Armour and she is feeling alive again, and got weight loss as a perk!
I have only lost about 15lbs (7kg) in the time I have been on medication, and I have been unable to get the energy to lose any more weight.I don't drink alcohol (only at holiday dinner do I have a glass of wine). My doctor said that the hypothyroid in weight loss only equates to about 6-8 extra pounds (which was disappointing) gained or loss without trying.
The Bodybugg program (to which I credit a 120 pound loss *prior to hypo) or Weight Watchers might help to jump start your road to wellness.

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