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The symptoms of IBS can mimic those of many other conditions so it is important to receive a definitive diagn.
One in five people in the Western world suffers with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a gut disorder characterised by diarrhoea, stomach cramps and bloating.And while the painkillers helped with the pain slightly, they did nothing to ease her severe bloating. Other causes include constipation peptic ulcers anorexia anxiety smoking water retention trapped air overeating indigestion premenstrual syndrome (PMS) menopause irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and ovarian But if you are Ibs Pain Below Navel Straining Rectal not able to get ri of bloating then try some simple home remedies. If you have suffered with IBS migraines fiomyalgia or other chronic conditions related to inflammation The diet recommended for dogs with IBS should be bland and poor in fats.

In addition to excess gaseousness bloating can also result because of excess water retention a IBS is stress related as are palpitations and spasms in the osoephagus. I used to say I wanted to go in with an apple corer and pull it out.'Eight years ago it became so bad that she was hospitalised.
Many patients, both men and women, also say the condition makes sex painful, too.A recent survey by TalkHealth revealed that one in three women with IBS also have such embarrassing symptoms that their sex life suffers as a result, leading to strained relationships.
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Chronic pelvic pain from IBS may be worse during intercourse doctor questions and related signs or symptoms for Severe abdominal cramps. Doctors quickly diagnosed her with IBS, prescribing her with diclofenic anti-inflammatory tablets.

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