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Many women are put off by strength training, fearing that it will lead to unattractive, bulky muscles.
And of course, the fitness model in the image above also uses strength training to stay in great shape. They are performed by standing with the legs slightly bent with your upper body leaning forward. Keep your head slightly upright with your gaze looking forward, not down at the ground or at the weight.
Start within the standard push-up position with your arms locked out and body straight, with palms on the floor shoulder width apart and finger tips facing forwards.

If you have some dumbbells you may want to try our Dumbbell Workout – this will also help you to tone up.
The lateral lunge simply involves taking a large step to one side, keeping both feet pointing forwards and bending the leading leg.
Trustworthy Health InformationThis site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. A good weight training plan can help to tighten and tone the body, and you can even target those areas that are prone to suffer a little looser, wobbly fat. Paula Radcliffe incorporates strength training sessions into her weekly running training and she is certainly not bulky.

For a full squat you lower yourself down as far as possible, with your knees pointing outwards and weight resting back on your heels.
For women to develop large and defined muscles many years must be dedicated to bodybuilding and a strict diet regime designed to allow the muscles to grow must be followed.

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