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Sometimes it's just way more convenient to work out at home instead of in a packed, sweaty gym. Raise your right dumbbell so that it reaches shoulder height by curling your forearm up towards your chest. Extend your elbows and lift your forearms so that they are pointed vertically above your head with the dumbbell. Hold the dumbbells in the air for a moment and then slowly lower them back to your shoulders.
Hold the dumbbells up for a moment and then let them slowly drop back down into resting position. If you share this sentiment, purchase some hand weights (which are also called dumbbells) and give these exercises for your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and chest a try!

It is good to buy varying dumbbell weights because you can then progressively challenge yourself as you progress with your weight training. Employees at your local sport goods store should be able to help you determine which set of weights will work best for you.
Hold it there for a pause of 5 to 10 seconds and then slowly lower it back to towards the ground. Your arms should be bent into right angles with your forearms running along the sides of your head so that the dumbbell is in the back of your head.
Hold that position for a moment and then lower them back to the right angle position behind your head. The outside of your forearms and elbows should be facing up towards the ceiling so that your arms create two upside-down ‘V’s.

Hold the dumbbells in the air for a short pause and then lower them back down to the resting position. The dumbbells should get raised straight into the air--hold them in this position for a moment. Stand there for a moment and then lower the dumbbell back to its position in front of your right foot. Exercises that use hand weights are good for building up strength, increasing your endurance, and building muscle mass.

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