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Many players understand that their weight needs to be forward at address, but they do it the wrong way–by stiffening the left arm and shifting the hips toward the target. When I need to hit a medium-length chip, I play the ball a little farther forward in my stance and lean the shaft a little less toward the target (above, middle). For short chips, my weight distribution is 50-50, the shaft is perpendicular to the ground, and my hips are fairly square to the ball, which I’m playing off the heel of my front foot (above, right).
My longtime swing thought for this move through the ball is to finish with my belt buckle facing the target.

While holding cables or resistance bands on each side of your body, lunge forward with one leg as you extend the cables forward.
When you consider what a short amount of time that is, thinking about everything your body must do in order to hit a good shot, it’s easy to understand why your workout should not only involve strength training—but power training, too.
The shaft should run up the lifeline of your left hand for clubface control, but your fingers must contact the grip (right). It’s a natural way to swing for right-handers, and you can do this as long as your left side is leading the way.

In this case, with your head behind the ball, the tendency will be for your weight to shift to your back leg, and you’ll return the club too far behind the ball. The forward lean offsets the 4 degrees of loft I recommend for a putter and helps the ball roll smoothly.

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