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Come join us “In the Kitchen” where we share tested recipes and expert tips for serving your family healthy meals every day! Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin with potent antioxidant capabilities essential for many biological functions, most notably ensuring proper wound healing and maintaining cartilage. Potassium is an important nutrient to balance electrolytes, aid muscle contractions, and maintain a healthy blood pressure.
Folate is one of the B vitamins found in various foods such as strawberries, oranges, green leafy vegetables and beans. In addition to traditional nutrients, strawberries are also rich in phenolic compounds such as flavonoids and ellagic acid, which are the focus of intense study due to their antioxidant, anticancer and antimutagenic properties.
Vitamin Water Focus Kiwi-Strawberry is made by imitating the Earth's water cycle in a controlled environment. One serving of eight medium strawberries provides 160 percent of the recommended Daily Value.
It may prevent some types of birth defects and is especially important for women of childbearing age.

Research shows that the antioxidants in strawberries are efficiently absorbed within one hour after being eaten.
The majority of flavonoids in strawberries are anthocyanins, the compounds responsible for the blue, red and purple hues of berries, grapes and other fruits.
That way you know that every drop in Vitamin Water is as pure as rain before it falls through cloud pollution. Smoothie's Strawberry Banana Mix is made from Bananas and Strawberries that are ripened to perfection, blended and bottled, and just bursting with flavor.
According to the Food and Drug Administration, eating foods rich in potassium and low in sodium may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
Researchers reported that people who eat strawberries have higher average folate intakes than those who reported not eating strawberries.
Dietary fiber has well-known health benefits such as lowering blood cholesterol and promoting a healthy digestive system. Capture the sweetness and creamy mouth-feel of banana with the tart and tangy flavor of fresh strawberries with Dr.

One serving, or eight medium strawberries, provides three grams of fiber, making this fruit a good source of dietary fiber. In a recent study, strawberries ranked second among the top ten fruits in antioxidant capacity (TAC), which is one reason why they may help prevent cancer and heart disease.
This invigorating treat is also a rich source of vitamin C antioxidants derived from the strawberries. Meanwhile, the banana's provide a soothing, calming effect and helps prevent calcium loss.Possible Benefits of Strawberry Banana Dr.

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